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  1. Yes, I did and there is nothing about it, Anyway think im going to get a better capcard as the roxio isn't worth the same money for something more known like the elgato or the pvr
  2. well any user input then?
  3. Hi, I got a Roxio HD as they are supposed to be good for streaming, I see there is about a 5-8 second delay on the capcard recording and live streaming, As I have astro a40s I have them plugged in as a seprate sound source so they can hear my voice, But because my mic isn't delay it makes it out of sync to do live cometary and to hear the correct game timing of my voice with the game sound while liv streaming, As I use XSplit.Core? Also another note why do you try and make it so hard to contact you guy? Dont you want to give your customers support?