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    Project Too Big For Disc

    I have just bought Creator NXT Pro. I have put 4 home movies into a project with menus, chapter marks, etc. Each movie was taken from a dvd and is roughly 4 Gig per movie and about 2-2.30 hours long. For some reason the project comes out at 27 Gig, which obviously wont fit on a 25 Gig Blu-ray disc. I have tried using DVD Shrink 3.2 to shrink the movies down in size to 3 Gig each. I didn't want to loose too much quality. But the size of the Blu-ray project hasn't changed. so... I have two questions 1) Am I doing something totally wrong. I thought shrinking the movies would save me space. It hasn't 2) Is there anyway of shrinking the blu-ray project to make it fit on a single 25 Gig Blu-ray disc. I have tried BD Rebuilder and yes it shrunk the project but it also erased all the menus and chapter marks so i ended up with one 8 hour video. Is there anyway I can shrink this so that it will fit on a 25 gig Blu-ray disc and still maintain all the chapters and menus as created within the project. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Project Too Big For Disc

    So basically its not do-able then!!! Wasn't really looking to improve the quality (its very watchable on the DVDs), just get all 4 movies on one 25GB disc. Thank you to everyone who posted, your help is appreciated. One last thing tho (and clutching at straws), this might have been answered and not understood by me. If i went ahead and did it anyway (Quality aside) and wrote the blu-ray creation to my hard drive, the disc size would be 28GB (ish). Is there any program that could shrink this like DVD Shrink does (again quality aside)?
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    Project Too Big For Disc

    Hi. Right, all I have are the dvd's now. The Camcorder tapes have been re-used. I assumed once i had put the movies onto DVD I wouldn't need them anymore, so all I have is the four discs. I put the bit about DVD Shrink in there just to explain how I made the DVDs. I'm looking for a DVD Shrink kind of program which does it for Blu-ray leaving the menus etc intact. Yes I have read the two articles you linked. (I also added them to my favourites for future reference) They state that I should be able to get 135 minuets of HD video. How much would this be in SD??? I need to get about 360 minuets onto the disc (Each DVD is roughly 1 1/2 hours. But, I'm still confused how 4 x 4GB (16GB) addes up to roughly 28GB??? Does this mean 'My DVD' only works on the time of each movie and not on the actual file size??? Will now google 'Div X'. Any ideas how much quality lose I will have? As they are home video the quality isn't exactly 1080!!!
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    Project Too Big For Disc

    Thank you for your prompt response, My apologies for the delay in replying, I work away during the week. The 4 dvds are holiday movies that were taken on tape camcorders or pictures taken on mobile phones and digital cameras. So i assume they are standard definition. Each holiday was then made in to a dvd which plays from start to finish as one movie. With the original DVDs, I joined all the clips together as one movie, burnt it to the hard drive, used DVD Shrink to get the size to 4GB then used 'Copy and Convert to burn it to DVDR discs. I copied the 4 dvds onto my hard drive using 'Video copy and convert' (the copy part anyway). Then started a Bluray project in 'My Dvd'. Imported the 4 dvds to create a "top menu" with the 4 movies. Each movie then had chapters created as and where i wanted them, usually between days or events to create sub menus. The Bluray project says its :- Used : 26025.5MB Free :-1805.5MB Time Remaining : -00:28:42. I have also tried altering the 'Quality' selector and this is the lowest i can get it by using the 'fit to disc' option. If the project is burnt to the hard drive is there anyway of shrinking it to fit within the 25GB but leave all the menus working and then what program do I use to re-burn it to disc. My bluray player is a samsung portable drive. I thought by using blu-ray I could save on storage space and i wanted to be able to take the disc and player round to family and friends. My folks also showed interest in having their movies put on one or two discs rather than 20 odd. I want the final disc to be able to be played on any Bluray player as a project with menus and chapters just as a commercial Bluray disc from the shops would.