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    Audio Stops A Couple Of Seconds After Hitting Play.

    It seems I have 11.7 r700. We will try uploading to YouTube but I thought that was linited to around 10 minutes per video. Also, I am running firefox 20.0.1 and after the audio stops, I get the message that the shockwave plug in has crashed.
  2. dasadler

    Audio Stops A Couple Of Seconds After Hitting Play.

    How do I find out what version of flash player I have? I am running windows 7 x64
  3. My wife has a photoshow premium account and has been successfully posting photoshows for years. Now, all of a sudden when we play any of her photoshows, the audio (music) stops after only a couple of seconds while the video continues. If we hit pause the PLAY again, the audio will play for two seconds then stop. This is the case for photoshows recentl;y uploaded as well as those that have been up for a long time.Here is a link to a recently uploaded photosshow: We have found this to be the case of several computers and browsers. Anyone have any suggestions? How do we get tech support for this as I believe it to be a server based problem.
  4. dasadler

    No Audio Photoshow

    When i play your photo show using both firefox and IE the audio plays for a couple of seconds then stops. the video continues. If I pause then play, the audio plays again for a couple of seconds and stops.