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  1. tsantee Thank you for your time and information. This information has helped me better understand the use of Toast 9.
  2. tsantee, thank for your reply. To check my understanding, the Finder file size does not impact the quality of the DVD, just the duration of the movie? In example, a 6.52 GB .MOV file of 1.5 hours duration will have the same video quality on a DVD+R disc as compared to a DVD+R DL disc. Do you or anyone else have an explanation of how to use the Green/Yellow/Red indicator that is displayed across the bottom of the Toast 9 Basic's screen. The indicator varies from left to right (Green/Yellow/Red). I have not been able to understand what the level of the indicator signifies. I assume red is bad but bad in what way. The only way I have found to get the indicator to be in the Green range is to to only put very small .MOV files on the discs, which appears to waste a lot disc space.
  3. Toast 9 Basic Mac OS 10.8.3 Why would Toast 9 Basic display a file size that is larger than the original file size? I have captured some VHS content using Roxio Video Capture as .MOV files. I am using Toast 9 Basic to make DVDs. Because some of the .MOV files are larger than 4.7, I am using DVD+R DL discs. I have noticed that sometimes Toast 9 Basic indicates the size on the disc will be larger than the original .MOV file. In example, a .MOV file is 6.52 GB in Finder but Toast 9 Basic (set for DVD-DL) indicates that the file is over 7 GB. But this is not always the case. Most times the file sizes shown in Toast 9 Basic are sleightly smaller than the original MOV file size. I can understand how a file would be compressed to fit on a disc but how would it be larger? Also: Does anyone have an explanation of how to use the Green/Yellow/Red indicator? Should the video quality displayed by a DVD-DL be better than that displayed by a standard DVD? (Same 6.52 GB .MOV file burned on a DVD+R DL disc and a DVD+R disc) Thanks
  4. I am using the Medium setting.
  5. Roxio Video Capture Version 2.0.1 Mac Software OS X 10.8.3 Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Can anyone explain what flattening a movie does and why the Roxio Video Capture software applies it to some movies but not others? Sometimes, when I click "Finish" (using Save Only) after capturing a old VHS tape, I see a window stating that the movie is being flattened. When this happens, a progress bar appears for a relatively short period of time. Then a message that the movie has been saved appears. Other times, when I click "Finish" (using Save Only) the message that the movie has been saved appear immediately. I have tried searching for the meaning of flattening a movie but still don't have a clear understanding of this function. I have viewed the movies using QuickTime and can't see any difference between movies that were flattened and those that were not flattened. After burning DVDs of the movies, I still can't tell what the effect of flattening a movie is.
  6. Tsantee Thank you for your time and information. I finally understand what is going on and how to proceed. Frank
  7. Tsantee, you have provided allot of information. But I am not understanding some points. You mention using Easy VHS to DVD instead of the Roxio Video Capture. I don't understand the difference or which one I have. It also seems to me that you may be saying the one of this two apps can burn DVD without going thru another app. If this is correct, which one can do this? If these other companies are providing just hardware, where would someone find compatible software? I am copying a VHS tape right now. When it finishes, I will look for the functions you mentioned. It is confusing that a product that is stated to be for converting VHS to DVD, does not come with the software needed to complete the process of physically making the DVDs. Also, does the captured video need to be run thru another process/function like iMovie before it can be put on a DVD disk? Thank for your help.
  8. Tsantee, thanks for the reply. So Toast is no longer included. The Roxio web page still states that Toast is included. Then how am I to burn a DVD? My Mac did not come with iDVD, so I need some way to burn the DVDs. Please explain what you meant by the "...buttons should appear in a window..." Are there other products out there for the Mac which include the hardware and software to capture VHS? Do you know if Toast 9 will work correctly on 10.8.3? (If I can find it) I have not found any other software that will work with this capture hardware (USB 2861). Frank
  9. I am confused about what I should have received with my purchase of the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. Does anyone have information to clarify any of the following issues? What I received in the package does appear to match what is described in the reviews or on the ROXIO web page. I received: 1 capture device 1 adapter for Video/Audio connections 1 USB Extension Cable 1 CD with only two items: the Roxio Video Capture.app and its Documentation. The web page states that Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac Contents: Installation CD, including Easy VHS to DVD Capture software Roxio® Toast® 9 Basic disc burning software [*]Roxio Video Capture USB hardware USB extension cable Video Inputs: Composite video (RCA) and S-Video (mini-DIN) Audio Inputs: Stereo audio (RCA) First, should Toast Basic have been included? The package does NOT list Toast Basic as part of the contents. But the ROXIO web page does, as noted above. Second, the version of the Roxio Video Capture app I received is v2.0.1, dated 04 Oct 2012. The "single" screen of this app looks nothing like the "multiple" screen shots advertised on the ROXIO web page for this product. The reviews appear to only discuss versions such as v1.0.3 for the Mac. In addition, the ROXIO web page only provides an update to v1.0.5 for download. If v2.0.1 is the current version, why isn't there an update to v2.0.1? Third, the documentation included appears to match the app's single screen for the video capture. But then the documentation describes using a "Preview" and "Trim" function, plus a "Save and Send" function. None of these functions are available on any buttons or menus within the Roxio Video Capture.app (v2.0.1) as far as I can find. I am expecting a replacement package from Amazon.com because of these issues. But if the replacement is the same as the first package, how do I purchase the correct package? Or is there a better choice? One alternative is to purchase Toast 11 Titanium or Pro. But it is not clear to me if these packages contain the Capture Device and cables. Thanks Frank