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  1. Hi scottyishere I had to reset to factory settings unfortunately since no one on here helps. What's wrong with adding to someone else's thread, it's not as if you do any good, you can't even fix this problem.....some guru! Leave people alone they have to find a solution some way
  2. I have tried the device on my friends laptop and it works ok so I know it is my laptop but mine is far better than his ?????? confused
  3. pedroi

    Please Help Big Error

    what is the next step if the device manager say's its working properly
  4. Hi I have had my RGC for almost 6 months and it was working fine, didnt use it for about 2 months and now its not working, the device manager displays it as working correctly but i am getting an error saying "select video device failed". I have re-installed the software and deleted any temp internet files and still doesn't work, please help someone.