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    Toast 11 Freezes On Writing Lead Out

    Hi Derek, thanks for the reply. No luck doing the disc image first, it hangs in the same spot while creating it. I'll try to email customer support directly, see if they have any ideas.
  2. GreenWire

    Toast 11 Freezes On Writing Lead Out

    Hi there. I'm using Toast 11 in my 2007-era Mac Pro, and since purchasing it I've had increasing problems with burning discs, to the point that I can't really seem to get it to complete one successfully. Everything seems to be fine until the Writing Lead Out appears, at which point it just sits there forever, until I Force Quit the application. The discs mount on my desktop, and all appears to be okay with them, but I don't quite trust them, and it'd be great to have it work as intended. I'm running 10.6.8, and an Atapi iHAP222 W burner. Any ideas?