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  1. Hi, I saw this error code was already asked about but the answer didn't make any sense and everyone kept saying that there needed to be more details. Well I tried to burn my movies, but the first attempt (at writing speed 4x) only made it to 66% then it froze. I started over two more times (at 6x) making it to 97% before it froze. On my fourth attempt I decided to remove 3 of the movies, hoping that it would burn if it was shorter, then I got the error code 8004520c. on the first movie. )-: Is freezing a normal part of this software?
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    Display Settings Issue

    Thanks, that worked.
  3. Yellow Truck 93

    Display Settings Issue

    So I just downloaded Roxio Creator NXT. I went in to try out the DVD Burner and movie maker and this message popped up. "The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024x768 pixels or higher, and the color quality to 16-bit or higher." I checked my settings and I fall well into the "or higher" at: 1920x1080 32-bit. What's the deal?