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  1. Stay Peaked

    Installation Error

    Worked a treat, thanks guys!
  2. Stay Peaked

    Installation Error

    Ah sorry, this should be it. LogFile 15-07-07 18-04.zip
  3. Stay Peaked

    Installation Error

    Here keep getting this
  4. Stay Peaked

    Installation Error

    Says I dont have permission to ypload that kind of file...
  5. I've just bought a new system, having previously installing RGC software successfully on my two previous systems i seem to be having this error message during the installation not long after entering my registration key. Any Ideas? Thankyou!
  6. Stay Peaked

    Roxio And Obs Help Needed!

    So, I've always streamed to twitch using the software received with the RGC but now i'm wanting the stream to look more professional using OBS. Many tutorials say that you should perform a monitor capture whilst having the preview window in the RGC software in fullscreen. sounded simple... But for some reason i can't see the game being shown in OBS but can in the RGC software. Here's a screenshot with the RGC software and OBS software side by side. Any help would be awesome!
  7. Stay Peaked

    Can I Livestream To Twitch.tv - Help!

    Oh i see haha, well cutting back to 2250 bitrate isnt an option as it was choppy in 480p 1100 bitrate :/ Thanks for the reply!
  8. So i understand a patch was released to finally be able to stream to twitch but after setting this up i found my footage was ridiculously choppy/laggy. (im playing Xbox 360) I really dont know enough about computers to figure out what the problem is, so hopefully you guys can help here are my system specs my down speed is 27 and up is 3 have been told my CPU is junk but again, I really have no idea Thanks in advance
  9. Stay Peaked

    Record Audio

    The RGC isnt an audio recording piece of hardware, it's not a microphone If you want to record the audio of something then record it as footage and extract the audio. I think that's what you're trying to say..... :S
  10. Try using a different editing software? I have had the same issues with facecam when both synced in the editing sweet looks great but once rendered it's about 2 seconds off. If it's just slapping some audio on some footage then just use Windows movie maker, simple and easy and will render in 1080p
  11. Stay Peaked

    High Pitched Voice Recording

    Are you recording your voice through the roxio software? I find it easier to record my voice in a program called audacity (which is free btw ) and then match my voice to the gameplay in vegas, i feel the roxio editing software lacks some features but try recording voice in a separate software and try that
  12. Stay Peaked

    Setup Help/advice?

    Hmmm, It's hard to see what piece of hardware isn't working properly - xbox, RGC or maybe your computer. I used to have the same problem but found if i swapped the component cables around so the one that was originally going from roxio to T.V was now going from roxio to console, I have also seen a fair few of posts relating to the new slim version of the 360 having the "no signal" fuss, I have both xbox's and my slim seems to hate the roxio. Have you tried using a different t.v? or maybe have another computer to install the software on? Im no epert on this but give it a few hours for jim to see your post and I'm sure you'll be filming in no time!! Is there a youtube channel for me to check out? always nice to watch people who are also using the RGC
  13. Stay Peaked

    Help Needed With Pc Setup.

    Ah, well I think it's time to invest in some actual equipment instead of using random bits around the house O_0 but anyway's topic solved
  14. Stay Peaked

    Help Needed With Pc Setup.

    No, need to completely un-plug it, the case seems to be that the RGC was recording my gameplay on one monitor but in the resolution of the other if that makes sense. Tried setting the other monitor to the same resolution as the one i'm playing on but received a "no signal". guess thats just down to my monitor and not the RGC, would be nice to see someone who has dual monitors and running a roxio...
  15. Stay Peaked

    Help Needed With Pc Setup.

    HAHA yeah I type faster than i think.... Yup, the adapter came with the the card (completely forgot). My monitor display is fine, i'm running dual monitors at the moment and i did have trouble with the roxio when trying to get it to record the right monitor, as i dont have the monitors as extended but as showing desktop on one and having the other as..well...extra (It looks good ) after unplugging the other monitor my roxio software on the laptop flickered and the recordings are now full size Thank you for the help and quick reply, good to see there are active people on the subject (y)