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  1. So I have my recording, and since game capture doesn't support actually recording your voice with the game recording, I had to record it separately. But every time I click add background audio, the program crashes without exception. Before when this happened, it was due to .wav files which seemed to crash the program any time they were present. But now it crashes either instantly, or in the next 10 seconds of opening. Sometimes I can actually get to the files that I want, but clicking on them crashes the program. I have tried to contact Roxio, but they didn't give me a support code for technical support, and there's literally no other way to contact them. I also updated windows to the most recent version, along with the videowave software. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. TheMooCows237

    How Can I Prepare My Videos For Internet Streaming?

    Well when I upload a video from a roxio project that I exported, youtube gives me a notification when I upload. It says " For better results, adjust your Quicktime settings to prepare videos for internet streaming " On iMovie, there was a checkbox which said prepare for internet streaming, and a drop down box which I had selected as "fast start". I was wondering if there was any way I could "prepare for internet streaming" while exporting from Roxio Video wave.
  3. So when I used to be using my mac to make youtube videos, iMovie had an option to prepare videos for internet streaming. Youtube wants me to do this in my videos. How can I export them so that they have this option?