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  1. GHenry54

    email a photoshow stopped working.

    Same thing happened to me last week and all of my photoshows stopped at about the 5th picture and would not play to completion. Whenever there is a major update to Java or Adobe Flash Player the photoshows do NOT work and the Techs take a long time to fix the issues, and never inform anyone when the issues are fixed. You have to check all the time to find out if the issues is corrected/fixed. I don't understand how we get such poor service for the annual membership fee that we pay to Roxio/Corel. I think I better find another service. I am totally fed up!
  2. GHenry54

    Photoshows Are Not Working Again

    Hi, Was there another Java Upgrade recently? Most of my photoshows are not playing. Just like last year... the cover photo is blank and it just keeping stating that it is loading but never plays.
  3. GHenry54

    Lost Photoshows Back !

    Great news! I just checked all my photoshows and they are working again! When did Corel fix this issue?
  4. I have Quicktime and WMP on my PC.
  5. My PC is Windows 7, Dell XPS 8700, 64-bit Operating System. It looks like the photoshows with my personal MP3 music have the issue.
  6. I followed your instructions and the Adobe Flash player version is Sknis and Grandpabruce.... Is that the version that you have?
  7. The 'view and download' link only displays icons instead of the thumbnails of the photos!
  8. The cover photo for a lot of them are displaying as blank. Was there a java update or flash player update recently? I updated all of my software recently and nothing is displaying on the premium website! I had someone else check them out on their computer and they had the same issue. I think I will ask for a refund. Too many issues!!!
  9. I just renewed my annual membership for the premium photoshow website last week. I checked a lot of my photoshows ( I have over 100 of them) and the photoshows would not play Photoshow.com website. Is there an issue with the website? Thanks
  10. GHenry54

    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    See my attachment. It's the new .docx files that it does not like so I changed it. I un-installed and re-installed but it still does not work! PhotoShow2014.doc photoshow_uploader.txt
  11. GHenry54

    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    I did everything that you have suggested and nothing works. I turned off McAfee firewall and uploaded but it failed again. I wanted to attach the photoshow_uploader.txt file to show you the errors but that is not allowed in the forum. My subs ends in October 2014 an I can access y member page. I am also getting a message that have no CD\DVD burner from software, but I can burn a music CD from WMP and iTunes.
  12. GHenry54

    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    My PC is 3 months old... Didn't want windows 8. Dell Windows 7 Home Premium XPS 8700 Intel® Core 7-4770 CPU 3.40Gz RAM 800GB 64-bit Operating System 626 GB free storage My version and build 872 is the same as yours. I am using MP3 music. I have been using Photoshow for years. I have over 120 posted to my member page. What others available? Thanks
  13. GHenry54

    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    I turned off the Registry Cleaner and re-installed and it is still not working.
  14. GHenry54

    Issues With Uploading & Burning Dvd

    I can now see that I am getting Error code 403 when I upload. Any solutions out there? I un-installed, re-installed V6, updated Adobe Flash, checked firewall, switched to the music on V6, etc...
  15. Today, my Roxio Photoshow version 6 stopped working... The Photoshows would not upload, and the software can not find my CD/DVD drives to burn a DVD of any photoshow. It worked fine a week ago. Other applications can find the CD/DVD drive and I can burn a music CD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks More details. I can update photoshows that are on My Member Page, but I can not upload new ones!