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    I Need Help Really Bad

    i extract the audio from video wave to be edited in sony vegas and the audio is always shorter than the video why is that and how can i fix it
  2. can you go to this link and help me http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/89141-what-is-the-best-export-setting-for-youtube-because-my-share-to-youtube-is-not-working/
  3. lpsided

    Roxio Quit Working

    i setup my roxio like i do normally and it does not work anymore nothing comes up on the tv or on my comp
  4. lpsided

    Roxio Quit Working

    what is wrong with you you do not have to be angry and what forum is my post in now
  5. lpsided

    Roxio Quit Working

    oh i am on an xbox and i have the hd pro and i set it up like i always do and just randomly it stopped working or something
  6. lpsided

    Roxio Quit Working

    i have it all setup right it is saying that there is no signal and it is not showing the output on my tv