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    Extending Monitor Glitch

    So, I finally fixed the issue with the HD Pro and my desktop, all it took was reinstalling Windows ("all", being sarcastic). Now that the HD Pro works with my desktop, the recording is great; it never glitches like it would with my laptop, which I am still looking into fixing because that solution was a bit more versatile considering I record my PC games with the Roxio. That aside, there's an issue with that that I haven't seen addressed anywhere else in the forums. I have two identical 1080p monitors, both are connected via HDMI to my graphics card, though only one is hooked into the HD Pro, alongside my PS3 and Xbox (with a really great setup including a HDMI switcher, so that I can switch between the 3 devices with a simple press of the remote). The one that is hooked up to the HD Pro is the one I have the audio coming out through. With this setup, I decided that it would be a good idea to extend the displays so that the Roxio Game Capture software would always be displayed on one of the monitors at all times so that I could record at a moment's notice. The problem with that is, that unless the program is displayed on the main monitor, of which I use for the gaming, IT DOES NOT WORK. Here's what happens: Program is displayed perfectly normal. Press "Start Capture" It works for literally 1 second before the preview screen flashes, though the "Start Capture" DOES turn to and stay at "Stop Capture". "Time Elapsed" is stuck at 0:00 When looking at the footage, you get a 1 second video clip before the flash and all that. (for some reason, in Windows Explorer, it always says the video file is like at least 15 hours long though, even if I immediately stop the "recording" afterwards. Despite that, the clip is still 1 second.) When I move the program to the other monitor and record, absolutely no issues. I have no idea why it would do this, I don't believe there is any reason it should either. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. I wasn't aware other people were having this problem, but my laptop doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, it has Intel HD Graphics. Any idea how to fix that? Recording had worked flawlessly in the past, so I don't know it is happening now.
  3. Kasaru

    Black Screen Overlay

    Sorry for the long delay, I figured out that the black overlay had to do with the aero themes being disabled, so I do my best now to make sure that other programs aren't running alongside the capture software, thanks MrDerpski. Now about those color distortions, here is a video that shows them on YouTube. The video should start playing a few seconds before them, and in this instance they're only around for a second or two so be sure not to miss them. Now, before you say anything about this being PC game footage, I know for a fact that it happens in PS3 footage for me as well. In fact, at this point, it's a whole lot worse when recording console footage. For some reason, a few weeks ago it was about non-existent when I swapped out my Roxio USB cable for a brand new Amazon Basics one. Now, I swapped out my external hard drive's USB cable for perhaps a slight downgrade, BUT when recording to my HP laptop's internal HDD, the same problem occurs, if not even worse! Now, it gets to the point where the audio too is breaking and stuttering. My laptop exceeds the requirements and even recommendations, so I find it hard to believe it is my laptop. I have not been able to test the theory with my desktop because, as with another topic I posted about, the thing will not work no matter how many times I install and uninstall drivers and software following the procedure word for word. Others too have had this issue, but the issue in this topic, I have not seen described to this extent. All of my hardware and cables connected to the Roxio are top of the line, I even found a way to record the PS3 game footage via HDMI 1080p WITHOUT ILLEGALLY BYPASSING HDCP. I still use component cables from the PS3. And again, before you say that that is the issue, the solution worked amazing for the first few weeks then along with the PC recording, it got much much worse than how it was at the time of the original post. Again, if there is some sort of solution besides uninstalling and installing, blah blah blah, I would love to hear it because I have done that I don't even know how many times and the Roxio software is really making me mad. The hardware is fantastic, and the software just holds it back at every chance it gets. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kasaru

    Black Screen Overlay

    So, for some reason, I always seem to get this giant black overlay across my whole screen, leaving about an inch or so uncovered at the top. I suspect it has something to do with aero themes, for it seems to only do it when they're disabled. I've had this problem in the past, and I don't know how to fix it. I can't take any screen captures of it, because one: I can't navigate to any capture software, and two: I'm thinking its not actually outputting it to the monitor as such, as in its something that's caused post transmission. Also, as an unrelated note, my game capture sometimes has color distortions, but only when there's a lot of movement on the screen its capturing. For example, I can't play fast paced online FPS's without this issue, namely Battlefield. For others, it doesn't seem to be as prevalent, but it can show up. Its even shown up in Skyrim. It just so happens that when it happens on the preview screen, its there in the footage. Oddly enough, when the preview screen framerate drops, the footage's doesn't. So I don't know if there's any kind of simple fix for that that's been conceived, but I haven't been able to fix it. It didn't use to do it, and I use the same average laptop I have for years. Thanks in advance.
  5. Kasaru

    Signal Protected

    I have used my Roxio HD Pro for months now, without any major problems (there's no doubt the software could be better), until today. Even when I plugged in a second input via HDMI from my PC, it worked fine. That part still works. Just out of the blue a few hours later, my PS3 decided that it didn't want to record, "Signal Protected". I have it set to record component, everything is hooked up perfectly, I even swapped in my PSP for a test, and same thing. It records for a few seconds, then the screen flashes, says "SIgnal Protected", then resumes recording an entirely new file. I even tried uninstalling, reinstalling, repairing, all that, nothing. Any fix for this, cause its most definitely the software. The attached picture was taken within the second or so that it happened. This time, it happened multiple times in quick succession, the empty spaces filled in with a green "ready".
  6. Kasaru

    Problems Connecting To Justin.tv

    Yes. Twitch and Justin are officially separate entities, and now use entirely different accounts for each site. You can stream to Justin, but not Twitch. Twitch is for gaming, Justin is for everything else. The problem is that you can still sign into either type of account, but for a Twitch account, there is no channel to choose from, leaving the entire thing unable to work. No livestreaming for me, or for anyone else without an external program. Perhaps its time to patch it almost a month later, as well as the software's numerous other problems. It would be much appreciated.
  7. So, I had my old Roxio GameCap in a box somewhere, and hadn't planned on using it again until my just about brand new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro broke, or whatever. Since I lost the disc to the original Roxio, I wanted to download the software. Though, I couldn't because there's nowhere to do so. So, I downloaded alternative programs. But anyways, my capture cards, both of them, work perfectly fine with my laptop, though that thing is too underpowered to be able to record with. Same cables and connections and everything... but when I plug the stupid things into my desktop, neither work. All drivers have been installed and reinstalled multiple times, all software the same thing. I don't know what is wrong. I get either a red no signal, even though everything is hooked up perfectly, I checked. The other thing I get is a red capture device removed. Another thing I get sometimes is a popup that says select video device failed. Now, I've been working on fixing this for the whole of yesterday and the beginning of today, and I have yet to come to any kind of breakthrough in fixing it. The annoying thing is, it was working a few days prior. Neither device works with any of the other softwares, so I have no idea what it could be. Thanks for your help in advance.