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    Trouble Reading Large Files From Bluray Backup

    Thanks for the input. Did more experimenting but BluRay DVD wouldn't even mount. Panic. WTF? I then hooked up the drive to various other computers in my house which are too old to read BluRay at all. Finally back on the Mini - and I noticed that one of the USB connectors is a little loose in the socket....... Fixed that and now my backups mount AND are easily accessed! Such an elementary fix but just didn't think about it because small files worked but big ones didn't. I guess it just takes one pin...
  2. Hi I was happy to discover that I can use a BluRay burner and Toast 11 on my Mac Mini OSX 10.8.3 to make backups of many large quicktime movie files I produce with my camera. Usually I burn the complete AdobePremiere work folder to the backup. Toast 11 always writes the discs without a problem and also verifies them. Today I needed to access one of the backups and discovered that I was able to copy smaller files (and folders) back to my hard drive. But the large (15GB) quicktime movie files wouldn't come off the BluRay DVD backup. I got an error -36 after a long wait. I tried this also by booting into a OSX 10.6 partition and booting into Windows XP on the same computer. Error -36 seems to be an I/O error but I couldn't find much more specific. My fault for not checking that I can actually access these backups before wasting $$ on hardware and media. Or is there a way to access these? Thanks Peter