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  1. This wont work for our lab, we are in Australia and the laptop is out of support. In any case we are talking *software* with a product from sonic, now roxio. All we need is a software fix to uninstall/remove them, here is my original request sent to sonic a while back:- Hi, I just purchased my technicians laptop which has several Gigs of electronics telemetry and company data (>400G). It also has Sonic DLA, Audio, MyDVD, Record Now, Record Data etc None of these are needed and the laptop is designated solely for lab use with no 3rd party s/w. In an effort to remove it, it reports we need a 'source disk' which we do not have... How do we remove the application please ? btw: The 'contact technical support' options just go around in circles from corel then back to roxio, there doesnt appear to be a link to an actual technical support for any sonic products, they are not listed on the product/version drop down boxes etc... Spent ages trying to tidy up this laptop and this appears as a huge stumbling block for straightforward software... Please email me directly on niche@ii.net Thankyou