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  1. Kittie Rat

    No Gameplay Audio

    Okay, my bad. Turned out to be an Xbox setting. Doh!
  2. Kittie Rat

    No Gameplay Audio

    Good afternoon, I have recently bought my Roxio HD Pro, for the main purpose of livestreaming. The other day when I was testing it out on Twitch TV, it was working absolutely fine. I tried again today, but I don't have any gameplay audio this time. And that also includes when I capture some gameplay too. I'm wondering if it had anything to so with the update I did on the Astros Mixamp 2013, as I hadn't had that plugged into my PC before. I have set everything up as it says on the instructions and like I said, it was working perfectly the other day. Thank you muchly Kittie Rat http://www.twitter.com/halo_kittie http://www.ratsclan.com