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    Need Help Displaying To Tv

    Hmm, so I found out that my monitor IS HDCP compliant? So it must just be the adapter then. Interesting.

    Need Help Displaying To Tv

    Ya, the one I have came with an Nvidia GPU. I might have another adapter I can try, but I'm doubting it would work. Haha, and I can't really drag things around, because the only other HDMI tv available to move is my brothers And I can't move that, and I can't really move my desktop either haha. Found a few good looking monitors on Kijiji(Canadian local ebay ;p ) So hopefully I can get a new monitor soon(ish).

    Need Help Displaying To Tv

    Ok. Well it's an Acer G235HL, and it didn't list whether it is HDCP compliant or not in it's specs. But most sites with all the compliant monitors listed DIDN'T list the one that I have. And also the fact that the monitor doesn't have HDMI, just DVI, and I'm just using an adapter. Thanks for your help, Time to go monitor hunting. CJ.

    Need Help Displaying To Tv

    Hi Everybody, I just received my Roxio Game Capture Pro today(Three weeks since ordering..) And I have to say, I'm fairly disappointed thus far. I set up the Game Cap buy installing the software, plugging in the device, then connecting my xbox, and my display to the device. So upon starting up my xbox, the picture and sound DOES show up in the Game Cap software, however nothing shows up on my tv(monitor). The monitor just stays blank. The monitor seems to know that a device is connected to it, however it just goes into standby after a few seconds. And then when I plug the xbox directly into the monitor, everything's fine. So I'm getting a feeling that the pass-through feature does not work on my device. Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated, CJ.