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    Stuck In Transcoding State

    so i uploaded one video a few months ago edited from videowave and share it to youtube from video wave i have tried uploading recent and when i do i am stuck on a transcoding page for hours without anything changing and if i upload the file straight to youtube it says the video is formatted wrong i do not know what any of this means
  2. SpidersMustDie

    Stuck In Transcoding State

    mpg is not an option is what i menat to say
  3. SpidersMustDie

    Stuck In Transcoding State

    i mpg as an option in the export file type list and im not sure what most of the options on it are good or not...i used to be able to upload straight from the roxio editor without having to export anything
  4. SpidersMustDie

    Stuck In Transcoding State

    Roxio GameCap HD Pro
  5. ok so i have been trying to upload a video to youtube but nothing happens i've left it uploading for hours before as well and tried uploading straight to youtube but it never uploads the one time i tried uploading it straight to youtube it said my video wasnt formatted right and i dont know where to find the video format anyone got any advice, ideas, answers, suggestions?