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    720P Turns Into 480P While Capturing

    Maybe a bad install, I could also be my computer, which is very unreliable and old. I guess I could try to reinstall it.
  2. criley0007

    720P Turns Into 480P While Capturing

    Long time problem that I've always wanted to ask is why when I'm recording in 720p the recording will suddenly turn into 480p mid capture and from there on that recoding will be in 480p. I can tell when this happens sometimes because the capture device will lose signal with the recording software and my tv screen will go black for a couple seconds before regaining signal. Other times I am unsure why it switched to 480p, although I've noticed it usually occurs when I have been recording for a long time. Any tip or advice? Thanks
  3. criley0007

    "out Of Memory" Message When Rendering

    The video is 4:30 minutes long and the specs of my computer are very low - HP Compaq dc7800p Small Form Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33Hz, 2GB of RAM.
  4. When I try to render a clip in the roxio videowave editing software if the file goes over about 200mb it will stop rendering and a message will pop up saying "out of memory." I have 95gb of free space so why is it doing this?
  5. criley0007

    Large Recording Files

    When I'm editing the m2ts recording file in roxio video wave and save that edit, it only saves a file of what parts to cut out of the full recording file and I need the full recording file if I want the trimming that I made to save.
  6. criley0007

    Large Recording Files

    even when I trim it the whole m2ts recording file is still there
  7. criley0007

    Large Recording Files

    I usually like to record for long periods of time with my roxio game capture hd pro, but sometimes I only want a little clip out of that recording, and when I edit the clip out that I want, I have to keep the large file of the whole recording or else I lose my clip. Is there is a way where I can keep my small clip but I don't have to keep the giant recording file? Should I render out my small clip and then delete the large recording file? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  8. youtube.com/user/criley0007

  9. youtube.com/criley0007

  10. criley0007

    Rendering Question

    What are the best render settings for rendering out a video in 720p? I have been rendering my videos as AVCHD1280x720, but are there better render settings? I record in 720p hd so should I just render the video 'same as original'?
  11. ok, now it can export the same video... I'm not sure why, but I tried to export it today and it worked...
  12. It says it can't export because the clips in the video aren't the same (there's an mp4 clip and the m2ts clips)
  13. also, do you recommend always exporting videos into a file and then uploading that to youtube or just uploading straight from the editing software?
  14. Thanks, this worked, but for future reference some of my videowave productions can't be exported into a file and I don't know why.