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  1. Zanatos

    Blue Preview, No Profiles, Etc.

    Firstly, do you have the cables setup correct? in the instructions that came with it, I believe they are wrong. Make sure you go with the colors on the unit itself, and not how it says it should be on the insert that came with it.
  2. Zanatos

    I Have Had It Please Help

    Try uninstalling it with Revo Uninstaller, rebooting, then shut down all anti virus programs and firewalls and install. See if that will show both GameCaps in the device manager.
  3. Zanatos

    Green Lines All Fuzzy And Purple

    I just scanned through the posts, and I think I know whats going on here. You are going from using HDMI with your PS3, to now using component with your PS3. But, it doesnt switch over, correct? Its because the PS3 is weird when switching inputs from HDMI to component and vice versa. Right now its still looking for that good HDMI connect. Maybe.....I could be totally off base, but lets try. 1) Turn your PS3 off. 2) Hook up your GameCap with the component cables (unplug the HDMI cord if you have it plugged in at all) 3) Turn on your PS3 by pressing and holding the power buyer for about 10 seconds This will send your PS3 into a video cycle where it will scan for an output. It should then see your new component video connection and should switch to that and you should have video restored.
  4. Those are the right connections. Dont know why you arent seeing the signal. Stupid question, but bear with me as we try and eliminate all possibilities. Is there a button or something to toggle/cycle through input signals? Maybe its not showing on the TV because you do not have the appropriate input signal selected.
  5. Not that I know of. I have found Rapid Share links for the drivers, but not the actual software itself. If there are downloads, its safe to say none of them are Roxio sanctioned.
  6. Check the pinned topics at the top of the boards. There is a subject about getting the software by contacting Roxio.
  7. Zanatos

    Can't Record Audio

    There shouldnt be a fix needed. Infact, the audio drivers that it uses are already in Windows, at least for me they were. In your Device Manager, do you have any unknown devices?
  8. I had this same problem. Took me a week to get fixed. From what I can tell, the problem (at least for me), is if you have onboard video. Regardless if you even use it, if its there and installed but you are running off something else (video card, or in my case, a headless machine that I VPN into) then it has problems. I uninstalled Roxio (using Revo Uninstaller to get all of the registry entries as well), disabled my onboard video, reinstalled Roxio, and has been working fine ever since.
  9. I had mine crash and crash my PC over and over. I had to disable the onboard video. If you have a motherboard with onboard video but are using a video card, go into the device manager and disable the on board.
  10. At what point does it crash? Is it just random? Or is it when you do something like say, click the capture button?
  11. Zanatos

    Recording Voice For Console?

    Sorry, there is no way to capture in-game voice with Roxio. If you want to capture this, then you will have to look for another solution.
  12. Zanatos

    Roxio Game Capture No Audio Inputs

    When you install your device, it installs two drivers, one for audio, one for video. It seems like the audio driver for your GameCap isnt installed as it doesnt see it as a viable recording unit. Either that, or you have your cables hooked up wrong. First check your cables. After that, go into your device manager, and look under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers and you should have two Roxio GameCap units installed. If you are only seeing one, then its probably just your video driver, and your audio driver did not get installed properly.
  13. Shouldnt need a sound card. The device handles both audio and video through it (if you look in the device manager, it will have two Roxio GameCap devices installed, one is video, the other is audio). The only thing is, if you do any editing on your laptop, you wont be able to preview the sound.
  14. Ive heard that it does for Windows 8. Actually some people says it works better because the software has problems with Aero in Windows 7 and it doesnt have this problem in 8.
  15. Have you installed the Service Pack 1 update yet? Try doing that, restarting, and see if it comes up. If it doesnt, put the disc in your drive, run the setup off of it, select to check for updates, then select to do the repair from there. Restart, and see if that brings it up. Thats what I had to do.