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  1. formatted the external hard drive to ntfs, works fine now. thank you who helped me out in this, much appreciated. now i just need to find a way to format only 200 gb of the hard drive so when i upgrade my hard drive on the ps3 i can transfer everything on my ps3 to my hard drive because the ps3 can only read fat32.
  2. how can i format it to NTFS?
  3. It records for less than an hour and freezes up the software. it is fat32 format and it worked before up till a this happened.
  4. After reading what I posted, I got confused, thanks for making it in bold so I can read my mistake. What I meant to say was this; I go to the to my computer and I right click on the external drive and click properties and I have the 960GB available to put stuff on it. But when I go to the roxio game capture program and select my external hard drive it reads that I only have 4GB available. And I have even exited, restarted, and everything else under the sun to make it read my external hard drive correctly, but to no avail. So I think just to solve this, I'll just capture on to my laptop hard drive and just copy it from my laptop to the external hard drive.
  5. I would put up pictures on here but I don't know where to go to put pictures up so I can get a URL to post in here, because i have some pictures of what it says when i have my external hard drive selected and how the properties of the external hard drive
  6. 1) It does say which drive is selected and when my external hard drive is selected it says 4 GB are available. 2) It reads my laptop hard drive correctly. I do have the update for it and I have changed the location of the drive and exited the capture program and it still does not read the external hard drive correctly.
  7. I have a 1TB external hard drive and a few months ago i was able to record on to it, but when i hooked it up tonight it says the available space left is 4GB. Now the external hard drive has nothing on it and it says i have 900 and something GB on it but on the capture screen only says 4GB. my question is, is there any way to fix it so it says i have the correct space available?