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    Roxio Game Capture Not Responding?

    Thanks for the advice I will definitely try out this method when I go see my friend!
  2. maykite88

    Roxio Game Capture Not Responding?

    It has nothing to do with the set up. The problem comes from when we hit "Capture" on the program and it would not proceed further.
  3. Hey everyone just got the Roxio Game Capture device for a friend of mine yesterday. We were on our way to record some sweet gameplay footage but the problem was after installation and clicking the "Capture" button, the program would freeze and/or not proceed further. We have all the necessary cables plugged in the right places and experimented that without the USB part inserted, the program runs fine and brought us to the capture screen. However, we know we cannot capture a blank screen without that USB part plugged into the receive the signal. This is where it gets weird as the program black screens itself and we are brought to wait while the blue pin wheel of death just swirls around loading. This happens upon start up when we click "Capture" with the USB plugged but without it it works fine until like I said its plugged. I want to know how we can solve this and if so what and where the problem was?