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  1. Jennifer Murphy

    Roxio Creator De Won't Write To Dvd-R Or Dvd-Rw

    I have some of the non-lightscribe discs on order. I'll give WMP a try. Thanks for the help.
  2. Jennifer Murphy

    Roxio Creator De Won't Write To Dvd-R Or Dvd-Rw

    OK, thanks. I'll get some CDs and try it with WMP. Any particular type/brand of CD you recommend? How about these? http://tinyurl.com/d5ut6ln http://tinyurl.com/cmxdhp6
  3. Jennifer Murphy

    Roxio Creator De Won't Write To Dvd-R Or Dvd-Rw

    Hmmm... I thought I downloaded this version of Roxio myself. I guess I am remembering something else. It must have come pre-installed. Is there a newer version of Roxio that I can get for a resonable cost? I don't burn CDs often (once in 8 years so far). So I am reluctant to pay $100 for the latest version. I just need to create one CD. Which version of Roxio would you recommend? I mostly use it to create backup DVDs for files and photos. That part works find with the version that I have now. I would like something that will create a disc on a DVD-R that can be played in a car CD player. Thanks
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this. If this is the wrong place, please let me know or move it. PS: Can someone move this to the Easy Media Creator 9 forum? I just restarted the program and noticed that's what it says on the welcome sreen. The title bar and the About screen say only "Roxio Creator DE". I am having trouble burning MP3s to a DVD using my copy of Roxio Creator DE, which is at least 6-7 years old. Here's the info from the About screen: I know I've created CDs before (several years ago). I thought I used DVD disks, but I could be wrong about that. Here are the symptoms: I start the program. I am given several options: Audio, Backup, Copy, Data, Photo, Video, & Tools. I click on Audio. I am given several options: Audio Guide, Copy Disc, Audio CD, Jukebox Disc, Convert CDs, & Upgrade. I choose Audio CD. I get a message to drag the MP3s to the project window. I drag 11 MP3s. The Insert Disc window ahows a disc that is about 40% full (even there is no disc in the drive) and an estimate that says 46:13 free. I click on Continue. I get a warning message saying that once the disc is brined I will not be able to append to it even if it is rewritable. I click Yes. I then get this message: I insert a DVD-RW disc, close the door, and click OK. I then get this message: The disc is ejected. I get the same result using a DVD-R disc. What am I doing wrong? All I have at the moment are DVDs. Do I need to get some CDs? I'm pretty sire I have used these discs in the past, because I have a bunch of them and the package is not full. Thanks