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  1. I recall that character. Thanks for your help, you have answered all the questions that I needed answering. When and if I get my sony 8 mm camera fixed I may run the tapes and tackle the project again.
  2. Hi, Thank you, I found the area BUT when I was transferring the movie I got an error message saying Sense key:hardware error, sense code x09,0x1, tracking serv. failure......THEN everything on my dock disappeared. THEN my 8 MM video camera started acting up, all the videos were jumping and the Roxio got no signal....so nice Male from Eugene, Oregon I am now in the kitchen and I'm going to turn the gas on in the oven and insert my head...... only kidding of course...so as of today, May 13, 2013 (two unlucky numbers) I am retiring from video copying. Thank you, Betty Kane Roxio 1, Betty 0. Betty's down for the count!
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am using Toast 9. ok, went to VHS to DVD and saw three movies BUT do not see a Toast Window to drag them to. Is it hidden somewhere on my computer and I just can't see it? I misused the term CD, they are DVD-R discs.
  4. ok , found yesterday's folder," movie in format quick time player does not understand"
  5. Hi, It's 9. Oh...where to begin....I must be the stupidest person this side of the Schuylkill River here in Philly....anyway I did not see the three movies, just the last one. I'd like to know where the other two went.....they're not in the movie folder..... I have read the document in the help window but it didn't help with my wanting to know how to shorten the project that was too long for it to be copied. Then yesterday I started another project and that turned out futile, threw away three cd's because somehow they were shortened.. You've suggested when toast is open click the toast name in the menu bar.....tell me just where is toast on my mac.....ok, about that long tape, i did see the numbers but apparently i must have been over. I think I told you I threw away (trashed) all my previous projects so they're not in movies folder. Thanks, I feel like I've just been to Saturday night confession!
  6. You're right, that's what I was using the Easy VSH to DVD . I used the Toast that came with the software, I don't know where to look for a Toast setting. Sorry for my ignorance. Tonight I sent all the old stuff to trash and started all over again, this time only taping an hour, burning it, putting in a new DVD and then burned the second hour. Here's another problem I had previously....when I decided to add 3 different but short videos on the one DVD, only the last segment burned, don't know what happened to the two previous ones, yet it seemed they were being downloaded. Needless to say I am quite frustrated and threw away lots of DVDs. Thanks for listening.
  7. I recorded on the hard drive. Don't recall any setting for Toast. When I was finished recording I had the option to send it to Toast, Quick Time or I Movie, I just sent it to Toast. Then after all of that transferring it told me it's too long. I thought if it were too long it would have automatically stopped recording. So, this is what I am going to do....forget the whole thing, re record it but only 1 hour segments. Thanks for your response.
  8. I transferred VHS to toast but when I went to burn it got message that file was too large to transfer. So I want to go back and erase some of the footage but don't know how to do that.