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    Please Help!

    I don't think the splitter would help because I have the old Xbox elite and a pair of astro a40's and they need an optical cable input so I need to use component cables, I have cracked the plastic casing off the component cables to get the hdmi into the Xbox if you know what I mean so I can't really understand what the splitter would do
  2. DarrenM

    Please Help!

    You are not really a nice person are you, the laptop is not broken the battery is and I'm not lazy i just happen to study sports and fitness at college so get your facts right before jumping to conclusions and you might see them as silly games sir but I see them as having fun in your free time. And in the previous reply you posted (get a new battery for your laptop) I'm not really wanting to spend that money for a battery but if you want you can dish out some money to get one for me.
  3. DarrenM

    Please Help!

    So that capture card has to always be on for me to get signal through to my tv, and my Xbox is connected to my tv but if you mean unplugging my hdmi to plug in my other component cables just to get a picture it's a bit of a waste of time if I must say so my self, as I am in a competitive team and most day I have to quickly get on for a game battles match that my team mates have erranged and I might not make it Which makes us loose points and its all because of the capture card :/
  4. DarrenM

    Please Help!

    But I don't want to have the capture card on I just want to play without capturing because my laptops battery is broke so I need to run the charger across my room and I don't want to do that all the time I want to play on Xbox, is there anyway to fix this ????
  5. DarrenM

    Please Help!

    I have just bought the roxio game capture hd pro and every time I just want to play my Xbox without capturing/livestreaming I have to turn on my laptop to get my screen on my tv to show and if I don't turn in my laptop it just says hdmi not connected, how to I fix this if possible