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  1. Okay, will admit when I 1st bought this, I did not know anything about computers. But today will be a shame of the younger me when I 1st bought this computer I had and this roxio card capture for my 360. But that's a different long sad story later haha. Computer specs Windows 7 home / 64 bit Intel i5-3210m 2.5 GHz Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card. now when I bought this capture card, it was working fair, with my new laptop it was slight improvements. that was months ago because I bought this around PFD (Alaska) Now for the past 2 months, this is just...-sigh- The video stream is working fine, but the audio and trying to record with DIVX is just pilling up more problems out of my knowledge from before and would love some help. Had to look around my computer to see where I can fix it because I kept getting a unkown capture error now it doesn't say it, just stops recording. I know AVI would work since it's just raw recording or something, almost something like fraps right? but needs compressed and rendering still I think lol not sure. But now, there this problem which is my main problem and don't know where to look and start. Any help or solution?