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    Hi, First time user so must get use to how to be part of this community. I have an older copy of Easy VHS to DVD. The Roxio Video Capture USB does not seem yo be compatible with the USB inputs on my HP ProBook 4530s. As I recall from 2 years ago, the Dell tower USB connection worked fine. All I do is transfer old cassette tapes to a CD. The ROXIO input USB device looks like it has a need for a four-pin receptacle connection (has four holes; and this stops the ROXIO Video Capture USB from connecting). The ProBook female USB inputs all look like a "slide-in" type connection, with the contacts flat on the bottom?! The info on the ROXIO Video Capture USB (which I presume must be used for the RCA cables from the cassette tape deck output ports, to connect to the ProBook) is: UB315-E ver3 with a UPC code of 1909C007965 Thanks for any feeedback