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  1. Okay, so what do I need to do from here?
  2. "1. Contacting support is the best first option so you can send the required information directly to Roxio Support Personnel." Tried, didn't work. "2. If you cannot access support due to expired support code, make that obvious in your post and hopefully a moderator (Guru) will forward your info. Check back often for a personnel message from someone at Roxio Support." Thought that was what I was doing in this post. "3. Regardless of who the seller was, Roxio needs at least some proof before they will provide a download link." This is why I said I still have the Serial Number from the CD packaging and the actual card. The last two parts didn't really apply to my problem in my estimation...
  3. To: Any Mod/Guru that can help. Hello, I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro this past December. and I recently got a new computer, but I cannot find the CD to install the software on it. I have the serial number and the actual capture card but that is all I still have. Is there a way to get a download of the software using the serial number? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.