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    Automatic Update For My Account

    Luckily I found a link that took me to the Automatic update that was on for the photoshow product. Also, my credit card had expired anyway and I would have had to send them new information which I do not have yet as that new card is sent to me. Just in case, I will keep checking my credit card balance to make sure no payment has been made. It is sad to see this photoshow program disappear as I made so many nice shows. I was also able to burn some important ones. Lately I have not used the program very much, so maybe I will not miss it though I will have lost some very nice shows. Thanks for your help. It is appreciated. Cheers, John
  2. procrastinate

    Automatic Update For My Account

    Sadly I no longer want to use my Roxio account. A year ago my subscription was automatically updated and this year I do not want that to happen. I seem to not be able to get support to ask about this easily, so may I ask, how do I 'turn off' the automatic update of my account? I was not satisfied that when I tried to have Roxio create an MP4 file of my photoshows even though I clicked on that option. I never got one show sent to me though it did mention it would take time. Cheers, John
  3. procrastinate

    Security Certificate Has Expired

    I did find the post that basically says this is an expired certificate and so it is NOT my own computer. Certainly hope this problem is solved soon. I guess if enough people are having this issue, it will be solved. We are paying customers and hope we count!
  4. procrastinate

    Expired Security Certificate

    Thanks so much for posting this as I started a similar thread before realizing that you had asked the same question. Well, certainly someone will be fixing the problem I assume ...
  5. procrastinate

    Security Certificate Has Expired

    Hello Everyone For the first time ever, I am getting this message: The sites security certificate has expired! You attempted to reach www.photoshow.com , but the server presented an expired certificate. No information is available to indicate whether that certificate has been compromised since its expiration. This means Google Chrome cannot guarantee that you are communicating with www.photoshow.com and not an attacker. Your computer's clock is currently set to Sunday, June 30, 2013 9:22:49 PM. Does that look right? If not, you should correct the error and refresh this page. I did not proceed and this message came up when I tried to sign into photoshow. I have been there so many times, and then this message came up. I am using Google Chrome and have Vista. I did google the problembut got confused looking for help and was just wondering if anyone has ever got this kind of message and how they fixed the problem. Cheers, John
  6. procrastinate

    To View My Slideshows That I Send

    Hi, I go to a slideshow that I have saved and click on E-mail. I send the Roxio Slideshow to someone. They receive an invitation. One person could view the slideshow without becoming a member and another person had to become a member to view it. Hope this is sufficient information. Cheers, John
  7. procrastinate

    To View My Slideshows That I Send

    Hi, I have created a variety of photoshows using the Roxio program. I send saved photoshows to my friends. What other information is necessar? Cheers, John
  8. procrastinate

    To View My Slideshows That I Send

    Hi, I have only one question. If I send my slideshow to someone, must that person be a member of Roxio to view it? And if that is not the case, is there any reason why that member MUST become a member do view the slideshow? Regards, John
  9. Hello Everyone, I have been a long time customer with many photoshows. My subscription will be ending soon and I will need some kind of answer or justification if I am going to continue to use Roxio. It had been a while since I viewed any shows, but now the photoshows I created will not play the MP3 music I uploaded in shows I made before. I did make a search of this topic and wanted to know exactly what I should do to solve the problem. It was mentioned that it was not a Roxio problem but an Adobe one as their upgrades to their Flash Player has caused the links to the music to break. It was suggested to roll back my version of Flash Player to be able to hear the music again. I am using Vista 7 32 bits and wonder if I can roll back to version 10.1 and fix the problem? Or is there another program I can use instead of Flash Player? I would think the Roxio staff would be aware of this problem and possibly comment on it. Maybe they have and I have not seen it yet. So please guide me through the fix problem if there is any .... OR Please tell me how to contact Roxio support. I was hoping to talk to a representative live in chat, but I never see them online. Maybe I am doing that wrong. I tried to write an E-mail and once again was taken here and there ... So if you know the contact address or number I can call about this problem as long it is an 800 number. I am living in Japan. Looking forward to a positive reply, I still have faith!! Jack