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  1. I am not spreading false information it is simply stating an observation that I have made. I am using the same HDMI cables and same video card settings as I was using with Windows 8 and when I installed a fresh Windows 7 it magically works. EVERY time I have seen this issue it has been on Windows 8 and s soon as I move back to Windows 7 it works again... magic, isn't it?
  2. Again another instance of this error on Windows 8. I did a clean install of Windows 7 and it has stopped the error
  3. Pownabix

    Black Preview Screen

    I myself believe it to be an issue with Windows 8 as I dead a clean install of windows 7 and the error has since gone
  4. Pownabix

    Capture Software Displays No Preview

    I have updated all drivers to the latest drivers and I have completely uninstalled and re-installed the software to no avail
  5. Pownabix

    Capture Software Displays No Preview

    So I ran into a problem with the capture software that crashed on me so I had to force quit using ctrl alt delete and ending the task. I then re-open the software and the preview screen is blank and has a red tinge to it (picture below) I then checked all settings and it's set to record 720p and the xbox output is also set at 720p anyone resolve this? I can still record fine and take screenshots etc and audio is still heard, it's just the preview screen can't be seen. Specs: OS Windows 8 64 bit 8 GB RAM i5 dual core 2.7GHZ Nvidia GT 660
  6. Pownabix

    Capture Software Displays No Preview

    I have tried rebooting and installing the software again after a straight re install however it hasn't helped. It doesn't bother me too much as I can still see hear the audio and I am able to record and take screenshots. I think it's a problem with the software on windows 8 as anyone I have heard having this problem has been on WIn 8.
  7. I am still able to record so I'm not fussed I just think it is a software problem with windows 8 maybe?
  8. I have the exact same problem! http://gyazo.com/57734adf1db2167ea46c5c13dc4fdf01 we both have similar PC specs too. I can however still record but just not preview. If you find a solution please let me know