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    Will Nxt Pro Burn From .bd Volume?

    Thanks. Great chart! Interesting that Avid DVD won't fit a couple hours on 25gigs. Maybe I'll play around with the bit rate but look forward to seeing what Roxio can do. I have Creator 12 I've used for burning multiple DVD's but didn't have the blu-ray plug in or something. I will upgrade to NXT. Thank you very much. Rich
  2. WHillsRich

    Will Nxt Pro Burn From .bd Volume?

    I have archived .iso files and blu=ray volumes made with AvidDVD. I've gotten used to the program but it's sometimes unreliable. I also have used Adobe Encore in the past. I burn standard def to double-layer DVDs and blu-ray to 50gig double layer. If NXT Pro ends up being a program I can use to author I'll use it but, at this point, I'm looking for software to burn the image onto blu-ray without error whether it's .iso or a volume..
  3. WHillsRich

    Will Nxt Pro Burn From .bd Volume?

    ...wow...tough crowd... Thanks for the IsoBurn suggestion but the only .iso files i'm able to make are standard-def dvd files with my current authoring program. Apparently only "volumes" are available to burn Blu-ray, at least at the size I produce (I do 3-camera shoots of school plays and musicals so they end up being about 2-to-2.5 hours). Orders I received from actors and parents are generally 75% DVD and 25% Blu-ray. Anyway, thanks for all the positive FEEDBACK!!!
  4. WHillsRich

    Will Nxt Pro Burn From .bd Volume?

    Thanks, Jim. I'll give NXT a try. (A .bd folder is what is built within an Avid DVD authoring program to use in burning a Blu-ray disc.)
  5. I've been burning 50gb BR coasters with Avid DVD by Sonic after successfully authoring 2-hour-plus shows with motion menus (edited in Media Composer 6.5. I'd like to try NXT Pro to burn a disc one can actually play but I haven't found whether or not NXT Pro will burn from a "volume" rather than an image file such as .iso, etc. Does NXT Pro accept a .bd volume?