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  1. First - I do continue to use ML 9 Premiere on my desktop, but I've had a problem for some weeks now with the DVD/CD drive. It's partially solved, but not entirely, so I've been depending on my Latitude laptop for the occasional CD copy or other disc burning job. The question of updating ML 10 relates to the laptop, where I don't have ML 9. In the Dimension 3000 desktop, I edit video almost daily, and the age of the computer is not a problem. The response of my editing program (Adobe Premier Elements) is more than adequate. This computer has a Pentium 4 chip @ 2.83 GHz, which is about as fast as most computers have today. Single processor, yes, and just 1GB of RAM, but Premier Elements doesn't demand excessive resources. As to the question of how well my computers are maintained -- the answer is very well. I do a disk cleanup often and check the need to defragment; there aren't excess programs running on startup. With both ML 9 and ML 10 in my desktop, ML 9 performs at top speed, just a few minutes to copy an audio CD, and reasonable time to burn or copy a DVD depending on length. The issue that arises is that in the same computer ML 10 takes 3-4 times as long to do anything. Even before I bought ML 10, I read user comments online saying it was much slower than 9. I bought ML 10 when it became available as a separate program from Roxio Creator, where the issue of bloat -- too many capabilities I don't need -- apparent. But even as a program devoted primarily to audio, 10 can't hold a candle to 9. For the cause, we should look to Roxio, not to my computers.
  2. Thanks, Brendon. Yes, my build is 122B06A, not 112... When I went to the Roxio website, I thought the update I tried was posted later than the purchase date of my MusicLab 10 Premiere, and I didn't consider that the build number was actually lower. And this may well be why the installation *.exe file wouldn't accept my product key. So to find a version that works faster than 10, which taked 3 to 4 times longer than MusicLab 9 to copy a CD or DVD, I'll have to look for a later version of Roxio RecordNow or software by another party. Thanks for your help. john
  3. Sorry, busy few days. On May 19, Brendon sent a message with several links, one re the update I was trying to install: "_Are these the updates_ you're trying to make?" I replied "Yes" on May 20. The link is to a Roxio page with the Build 112B11a, RNM; 112B11A RNP My current build is 122B06A, RNP; 500B39A, RNP. This version continues to work okay since I reinstalled it with anti-virus off, but it is *way* slower than ML 9 Premiere. (I still have that version in my Dell desktop, but a persistent problem with non-recognition of the CD/DVD drive prevents me using it.) I would like to update ML 10 Premiere if I could to see if performance improves, but as I say, when I try to install Build 12B11a, it refuses to accept my product key. I appreciate any ideas about how I might successfully update. john
  4. After updating video and audio card drivers, I uninstalled the old Music Lab 10 Premiere and used my Extended Download Service to download the program again from Roxio. Before installing, I turned off Norton Internet Security's anti-virus protection. Reinstalled ML 10 Premiere, rebooted, and tested by copying a music CD that had failed to copy before. CD copied OK. Definite improvement in ML 10 Premiere's performance. (Very likely that my recent problems with ML 10 Premiere resulted from not turning off anti-virus software during program install.) PROBLEM SOLVED. Only remaining problem -- new download is exactly the same version of ML 10 Premiere that I bought in Sept. 2012, not the most recent version, and I still can't update it because on starting installation, the update won't accept my Product Key (which Extended Download Service *did* accept). Is it possible that Roxio limits free updates to 6 months? (I bought ML 10 P 8 months ago.) jbcooke
  5. I replied a couple of hours ago, but don't see that post. I ran the dxdiag.exe diagnostic on my Latitude. Results file attached. I've updated the video card, in progress running down list of other updates to install before I try uninstalling ML 10 Premiere and downloading the latest version. I would normally uninstall using Add/Remove programs. I don't understand uninstall procedure you recommended. jbcooke DxDiag-21May13.txt
  6. Thanks Digital Guru -- My computer is a Dell Latitude 510D, Pentium M740 chip, 1 GB RAM, 40+ GB free on the 80GB hard drive, running Windows XP Home. Yes, the update I am trying to install is the one shown in the link you provided, the latest version of Music Lab 10 Premiere. I have downloaded the *.exe file, but when I try to run the update, it refuses the product key I am entering. I'm copying the key # from the Roxio email confirming my purchase, so there's no doubt about the key number. When I bought ML 10 Premiere, I also paid for Extended Download Service, good for two years. Theoretically, instead of trying to update the version of ML10 in my Latitude, I could simply download the latest version from Roxio, IF it will accept my key code. Before I try this, however, I will tell you that it's possible I didn't turn off my antivirus / firewall software when I installed ML 10 P. I have printed out the page "Preparing your computer for installing Roxio products," and should run through the checklist before I try any further installation. Question: Shall I uninstall the present ML 10 P before I try to download and install the current version? jbcooke
  7. I have a similar / related problem: Bought Music Lab 10 Premiere 9/6/12 from Roxio online, before Roxio was bought by Corel. Registered it, got confirmation email, but no support code. Maybe they were not sent at this time. I've had nothing but trouble with ML 10 Premiere since I bought it -- MUCH slower than ML 9 Premiere, burns fail, copy operations fail. Today -- downloaded ML 10 Premiere UPDATE, but it won't install because form won't accept my (correct!) product key, received in conf. email with purchase of ML 10 Premiere in Sept. '12. jbcooke