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  1. OK, downloaded Toast 11 Titanium this afternoon for the Tivo Transfer feature. Running on a Macbook Pro under OSX 10.8.3. I have two TiVO's on the home network; Series 3 HD and a Premier XL both on the same Media Code. The Premier shows all of the contents on the right view but nothing will transfer. Simply no action at all. The Series 3 HD allows the show to be selected and claims that it is being downloaded (Blue Light Icon), but further query shows that 0 bytes have transfered and is waiting. Action ends after 20 - 30 seconds. No shows transferred. What a way to start a software relationship. Growl is turned off and video downloads and transfers are enabled on the devices from My Tivo DVR Preferences. Both devices as well as the MAC have been rebooted. What am I missing? Is this bad TEC or Suck Product?