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    Toast 11 Using A Single Cpu ?

    Any suggestions would be welcomed on this I am trying to burn an 8GB MKV file to either DVD or Bluray using Toast 11.2 My machine is an iMac, 16GB 3,4GHz I7, so not really a small machine. Yet it takes forever to encode a file this size. Looking in Activity Monitor, CPU usage is stuck at a miserable 100% or so (often less), where a program like Handbrake will use all 8 cores of the I7 Support by Roxio or Corel really does not deserve to be called like that, because they will only accept questions when you enter a "support code". (This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen), so I cannot ask them if there is a way to have Toast use all cores. So, does anybody of you know a way to boost Toast a little ? Thanks
  2. Dinky

    Missing Mpg2 Codec ?

    Thanks for your answer. The reason I'm creating a blu-ray is two-fold: 1) keep the Full HD format of the MKV as you said (The VOB's are 720p, so that's HD too) 2) use the 25GB capacity to store multiple movies I did put the MKV in as the first video. I wonder why the order would make any difference, btw, since I would assume Toast will keep HD as HD since I am creating a Blu-ray project. I will do a test where I will take out the NTSC file and see if that will make any difference. The problem is, encoding in Toast is such a lengthy process. I mean, come on, more than 24 hours for a 5GB file is ridiculous. So what I would like to do is encode to a format Toast will accept and not re-encode and do the encoding using another program like Handbrake. I figured MPEG-2 would be the right choice, because the VOB's are Mpeg-2 and are not re-encoded by Toast. That is where problem #2 comes up: Toast does not recognize the Mpeg-2 used by Handbrake. I can use Mpeg-4, but then Toast will start its never ending re-encoding. It looks like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I hate all these different formats, especially if they appear not to be standard. It looks like there are multiple flavors of Mpeg-2 around. The advantage of having a standard is there are so many of them.....
  3. Dinky

    Missing Mpg2 Codec ?

    Hi all, Now, I am really confused. I want to create a bluray containing multiple animation videos. So I drag and drop the video's to Toast 11. They are all VOB's with Mpeg2 codec, except one, which is MKV. Initially I just let Toast do its job, which took more than 24 hours to encode a 5GB MKV and the result was garbage. Probably because the videos are mixed PAL and NTSC. Anyway, I then used Kigo Video Converter to convert the file to PAL with Mpeg2 codec. When I drop the resulting file into Toast, it claims it is missing the MPG2 codec. Now this is very strange, because the VOB's are Mpeg2 too. When I inspect the videos using Videospec, they show up all with the mpeg2 codec, yet Toast is refusing the converted file. Mpeg2 codec is mpeg2 codec, right ? So why accept the other files and reject the converted one ?? Who can shed some light here ?
  4. Dinky

    Preview Dvd/bluray Before Burning ?

    For Bluray this unfortunately does not work. I have been told playing Bluray menu's is not done because of license issues. Roxio Video Player (RVP) does not recognize the mounted disc image or the BDMV folder in it. The BDMV can be selected in RVP, but pressing "open" does nothing. We have a "missing link" here
  5. Hi all, There must be an option in Toast 11 I am overlooking, because it would be ridiculous if it would be missing.... I am creating a bluray disc containing multiple video's. When I play the disc on my Bluray player I would expect I would be able to skip from video to video using my remote control. Unfortunately this is not the case and it will only skip to the next (automatically generated) chapter WITHIN a video, not to the NEXT VIDEO. I have looked everywhere in Toast (I think) but could not find an option to control this behavior. I know you can set some parameters for chapters, including setting it to none, but that is only controlling the behaviour within a movie. Am I overlooking something ? All help is welcome
  6. Dinky

    Stuck At 99%

    Thanks for responding. Yep, using latest version. As you can see in my original post I do create a disc image. I have reported the issue to Roxio, but don't expect much, given the fact this issue is already there for some time without them taking any action. I only get this standard reply: "Our product experts will investigate and determine if the issue warrants scheduling in a future update/release. We will contact you if more information is required." In the meantime I am experimenting with a subset of the videos I originally planned to burn. My source files are master files, created in FCPX. In a test with 3 videos I had the "hang" problem. When I left out the second one, it went OK. SoI have recreated the master file in FCPX for video #2, did the test again and now it continues. I now have a .toast file that I should be able to burn. Before that I would like to preview the file, though. I would expect Toast to have an option for that (like in iDVD) but that seems to be missing. Does anybody have an idea how to preview a .toast (or BDMV) file including the generated menu's (so the way it would look after burning) ?
  7. Hi all, Does anybody know if it is possible in Toast 11 to preview a planned DVD or Bluray before burning or creating a disc image ? Even in iDVD you can see what it looks like when the DVD is ready, so I would expect something like this to be possible in Toast as well, but I cannot find how. If this option would be missing that would be a serious omission, as the first time you would then be able to see the end result is when the burn is done. This would not only be a waste of time but also of DVD/Bluray media.
  8. Dinky

    Stuck At 99%

    Hi all, I am using 11.1 and tried to create a Bluray image (not burning directly). After 15 hours working on a 21GB video it was stuck at 100% Apparently there is no solution yet to this pre-historic problem ? Has any of you filed a bug report with Roxio ?