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  1. musiclo

    Trouble Burning/reading Dvd To Copy

    Thanks for replying, however I just rebooter and still have the same problem. Any othere suggestions?
  2. I created a dvd in Roxio 2010. It plays fine in a dvd player but when I try to make copies, I get the following error message: Sense: 04 ASC: 3E ASCQ 02 (Command 28) Can anyone help me figure out why it will not read a dvd to copy? I am using lightscribe dvd+r but copies one last week without any problems!
  3. musiclo

    Problem With Software

    Can anyone help me? When I go to use this software, an error message comes up and says "the certificate file is missing or has been corrupted. Please re-install it. Do anyone have an easier fix for this? I am using Roxio Creator 2010.