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    Video File Formats

    Hello.. I am thinking about buying the software and noticed that NXT does video editing, but I didn't see the type of video files that can be used. Will it let me add and edit flash (flv) video files? Also, does anyone have a list of the type of file that the video can be saved as? Thanks for your help!
  2. I am thinking about buying the new Roxio Creator NXT, but I have some questions first (if someone can help me please). (1) I have a very old version of Easy CD Creator; I have a new computer and it is time for new software. Does NXT have option to create audio and/or data cd's similar to the Classic Creator option? In other words, if I have 10 audio cd's, can I add several songs from each cd and then arrange them in the order that I want? After they are in the order I want, I can burn a cd with all of those songs. They usually have about 2 seconds of space between each song. Also, the similar thing with data files if I want to archive them to a cd. (2) Can I add the song titles to each track and name the cd before I burn it? Will these titles appear on my car radio display and other computers (similar to cd's I buy at the store)? (3) If yes for #2, could you please briefly explain how what I will need to do to accomplish this? I couldn't find a detailed user manual online. Thanks for your help and time.