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    Failed When Burning Dvd

    Thanks for your help! I didn't read your post until today cuz I think an email would be sent to me when someone reply my topic. Imgburn is great! I bought some discs from two different producers today. The creator failed again, but Imgburn succeed at last after it failed once too. There might be problems with the driver or creator or some of the discs, or all.Imgburn saved it. Thanks again.
  2. andreagys

    Failed When Burning Dvd

    hi, i run the creator 9 and failed when i want to burn a video dvd everytime, here is the detail of the failures: Sense: 06 ASC: 28 ASCQ: 00 (Command 00) ------------------------------------------------------- Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll: i wonder where is the problem,the device or dvd-r? my creator 9 came free with sony sz-65, vista thanks