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  1. I converted a PAL DVD using DVD Flick to NTSC version which gave me a Video_TS file. I then used Roxio Easy CD and DVD burner 10.3 to burn the DVD. Once the program did its thing I previewed the file and everything was perfect. So I hit the burn button. Once the DVD burn was complete I played the DVD but the sound was not in sync with the movie?? What did I do wrong?? Can someone explain the steps on burning a DVD on MYDVD
  2. Do I only add the 4 vob files to the project
  3. Sorry it was only 50 minutes long. Can you give me the steps on how to burn the video_TS files. There were 4 vob files all together. I really don't have a clue as to what I am doing. I am going to Video MyDvd Express Is this correct
  4. I used to use Roxio Easy CD and DVD creator 6 where you could just choose the Video_TS file and drag it to the project and hit burn
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    Split From 2 Year Old Thread

    I am new to Roxio 2010. I am trying to burn a movie (vob, avi) to a dvd. I use myDVD and the disc burns just fine but I am not getting any audio with my DVD. What am I doing wrong. I used the video_ts files (vob ifo files) NO SOUND Please help