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    Premium Photshow Membership How Do You Cancel?

    Hello everyone, I got on the forum after much run around with this issue. Seems cleverbridge handles the transactions now and here is a link: https://buy.roxio.co...eco&id=&cfg=ops I discovered they handled the payments since it shows on my statement. I just used the email on the page and contacted them. Waiting for an answer. I asked for a refund on invoice that just came out. I have autorenewed for several years and last year asked help to download my photoshow. After a year it isn't fixed. Also most of the links on the support pages don't work.Thankful can still get to the forums. Not a good testimony to a company that used to be reputable. (Roxio or Corel) I may do a review on my blog just to see if it will kick corel in the arse. Hope link to page helps. Cynthia
  2. Whispers of Country

    Uploading A Video

    ok so thought I got Roxio 6 to work uploading my video file but twice have got a message I didn't finish my last show and click "cancel" to continue. I don't have any show unfinished so back to square one. sigh
  3. Whispers of Country

    Importing video clips

    Go figure. I posted a comment about not being able to upload and now it let's me upload. Sigh Thankful it works now!
  4. Whispers of Country

    Importing video clips

    Was just reading these older comments and it's now 2013. I can't even upload a clip of 33 mb. What's up with that? Appreciate any help.