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    Editing Questions, Trimming

    Thanks to you both. This is all very helpful. I am going to work on it some more tonight with lots of additional knowledge that I can hopefully apply!
  2. clb49

    Editing Questions, Trimming

    Thanks, Jim. Since the DVD topic came up I'm going to ask what is probably a very stupid question which I didn't ask before for just that reason. Does burning to a DVD affect the video quality of the end product (if so, I assume positively)? I didn't think so but wanted to ask to be sure. When I was playing with the software yesterday, I was just saving the converted practice recordings to my hard drive and will of course delete all the practice. I will ultimately put my recordings on DVDs and maybe a few to my external hard drive. I didn't want to burn through a lot of DVDs while practicing and thus like your great idea of using RWs for that purpose. Because I am so new at this, I have to ask if the DVD affects quality. If not, is there a reason to practice with DVD versus saving practice temporarily to internal or external HD? Since these are big files, what size DVD-Rs do you generally buy? Certainly size is also affected by the settings and I tend to go higher on those as opposed to lower. I have no idea how much difference those settings make if you stay mid-range versus high range. Maybe going high range is not even necessary - lots more learning from trial and error are ahead! Thanks again! Thanks so much!
  3. clb49

    Editing Questions, Trimming

    Jim, thanks very much! This is very helpful and thanks for the screen shots - a great help as well. Thanks too for the idea of using RWs for the experimentation. Great idea. I haven't played with the audio yet, but will increasing the volume increase the volume on everything? I want to reduce the tape "noise" in order to make the voice audio clearer. Lots of experimenting to do. Thanks again!
  4. I am brand new to this software and have been playing with it today and am learning, albeit slowly. Jim, your pinned post re. noise reduction was very informative and helped me figure out trimming (deleting) portions at the end and beginning of the recording. That post specifically relates to editing portions. My understanding is as follows: Via trimming you divide your recording into pieces, the portion before the area to be edited, the portion you want to edit, and the portion after edited clip. Correct? Then, once the editing is completed, I assume the next step is to "link" the three which then gives you one seamless recording including the edited portion. Correct? I at first had misunderstood the process but I think I finally had my ah-ha moment after some trial and error and then going back and reading your post again with a better understanding (I think!) but was past the point of yet another trial to confirm. Is there a way to soften background sounds or do you need VIdeoWave for that? I assume the latter but wanted to be sure. Would VIdeoWave allow you to edit portions of the recording (such as that described in the pinned post) with less cumbersome steps? And speaking of VideoWave, I am curious to know if it is possible to purchase VideoWave separately or if you have to buy the Creator software in order to get VideoWave? I have been searching and when I Google VideoWave, most of the relevant links are for Creator, so I assume VW is part of that. I'm not looking to do serious editing at all. My biggest issue is to work on sound quality and I did see a video on how VW can help with that by reducing the background noise in the tape. And one more question: Is there any way to correct a video that has horizontal lines that intermittently flow down the screen? I read here or elsewhere that tracking control on the VCR might help correct or reduce that. My player does not have the tracking control, though if that could possibly make a significant difference, it might be worth it to get one. Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated as well. . Thanks so much!