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    How Can I Rewrite One Bd-R Disk Spanned Among 5 ?

    In this case, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that a feature of the sort be implemented in future releases of Toast. I am certain that it is not very complicated, as far as software is concerned at least, to program a record on how were spanned the different files among the disks. But in my case, I cannot look at the files and the disks to know which ones have been written or not to media. The files I am backuping are of video type, sometimes larger thant the capacity of the disks (25GB Blu-Ray). Hence the fact that the software HAS TO SPLIT them up in smaller pieces, rendering it impossible for humans to know exactly where they were cut, let alone how they were spanned among disks. Only software can figure this out. Thank you. Peter.
  2. Hello I made a backup on BD-R(25GB) of about 90GB of videos with Toast Titanium 11. It took me 5 disks (and 5 hours) to span the whole thing. Then I saved the info of that backup in a *.disk file. The problem is that I (irreparably) damaged one of those 5 disk (namely no. 3). But I still have all the original files on HD. I was wondering if there was a way for me to write another disk no. 3 to replace the reject? Or do I have to redo the whole span on a 5 disks set (what a waste of time and money!) Thank You Peter.