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  1. Hi I have a problem - need help I would like to add more bass to 500 MP3 files in one run. How can I do that ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I have ordered VideoLab and I got 2 files for download : RoxioVideoLabHD_JX36EXD0VLD.exe RoxioVideoLabHDContent_JY36AXD1VID.exe Which one do I have to install first ? Do I need to install both or just one of them ? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hmm, I don't trust that. Thanks for your help and your prompt reply Ogdens.
  4. Thanks for your prompt answer Brandon. Is there any possibility to try Creator NTX before buying it ? I am a registered user of RecordNow Premier and I would like to add this Photo Slideshow possibility. What if I don't like NTX after all ?
  5. Hello I am thinking about buying Roxio Creator NTX but I have a question about making a DVD with a photo slide show. When I finished the preparation of my photo slide show project, do I have the choice to save it to an ISO or image file or is burning it to a DVD immediately the only option ?
  6. Hello again. Thanks for your fast reactions to my posts . This is very strange because I do not notice the problem anymore. Maybe the problem disappeared because I have disabled the services mentioned in my previous post. Anyway, my problems or annoyances with the software are solved and I really love it now. Thanks again for your help. Regards Pluizebol
  7. Hi There is one other thing with the software that I don't like very much: Every time I use it (e.g. making a music DVD), it changes my auto-play settings in Windows 7. Is there anything that I can do to stop this behaviour ? Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, I solved the problem by disabling the following services : RoxMediaDB12.exe and RoxWatch12.exe.
  9. Hi, I have installed RoxioRecordNowPremier_HX29BXD0RNP and now my Windows 7 became very slow : others software on my machine needs up to 20 seconds to start, and my whole machine became a lot less responsive. The problem is solved when I uninstall Roxio. Is there a reason/solution for this problem ?