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  1. Hi, I have the above software installed on my computer. I don't know if I'm in the right forum but here's what I have: Module Name: Roxio Creator LE - Dell Edition Build: 2.4.32a Serial Number: SC-204B28D Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 4.28.6m, 67 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Audio Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28C, RCB Serial Number: CK7MLEHCWVS3HRNG2 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Home Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Data Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B37C, RCB Serial Number: CLTUVS6F28A6YBHFW Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Launch Backup Build: 204B37C, RCB Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Copy Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28D, RCB Serial Number: CQGMVJ9FWDCZ7EEG6 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 All I want to do is load aa audio cd into my cd drive and make a copy. This process works fine. What I can't figure out is how do I save it as a project so I don't have to recopy it each time I want to make a new copy? Very frustrating. Thanks
  2. I'm in an organization that requires me to copy speeches and talks from cd to blank cd. The process works fine but each time I want to make a copy and distribute to our members, I have to insert the original cd, copy it and burn to blank cd. How do I save the original CD to my computer so I don't have to copy it every time I want to make a copy and distribute to one of our members? Thanks
  3. joe doc

    Copying A Family DVD To My Hard Drive

    Thank you. I guess I'm too concerned about DVD life. But I'll follow your advice.
  4. Hi, I have several family DVDs that were created by converting from Sony 8mm tape to DVD using my LITEON Recorder LVC-9016G. The DVDs play fine on DVD player and PC. I want to save them to my hard drive to preserve them, since I don't trust the supposed life span of a DVD. I've copied them to my PC, trouble is the are BUP, IFO and VOB files, so I can't open them. Anyone have a solution to this? Thank you.
  5. Hi, Last year I copied several family videos from VHS to DVD. This worked fine. I gave the tapes back to my sister and now I want to copy the DVDs to my hard drive for safe keeping. I inserted the DVD into my drive but the program seems to be looking to copy to another DVD and not my hard drive. How do I perform this operation? Thanks.
  6. joe doc

    Creating Slide Show With Captions

  7. joe doc

    Creating Slide Show With Captions

    I have a huge number of photos that I want to create a slideshow from to distribute to family members on DVD. These photos are identified by name, date, etc. If I have to use the Text option to identify the person or persons in the photos it would take forever to do given the number I'm dealing with. Can I create a slideshow that will include these identifying tags? Thank you.
  8. joe doc

    Editing Dvd

    Hi, I have an old family tape that I've copied to DVD. It's only about 3 minutes long and there is stuff at the beginning and the end (about 30 seconds on each end) that I would like to delete and have a finished 2 minute DVD. How do I do this? Thanks.
  9. I have a new Dell computer with more than enough memory.When I select maybe 10 photos to edit, I get a Not Enough Memory to perform this function error. Can't be. Help! Thanks.
  10. joe doc

    Cropping Photos

    How do you keep the "Hide Cropped Area" permanently on so you don't have to keep selecting it for each photo? Thanks.
  11. joe doc

    Finding Duplicate Photos

    I've got thousands of photos to edit using EMC 9. I know that there are a great many duplicates so, what have you all found to be the best program out there for finding duplicate photos? Thanks.
  12. joe doc

    Photo & Video Sharing

    Hi, I have a great many family photos and some videos that I want to share with other family members. I know there are many site offering this service. From your experience which site have you found best for this purpose. I would want other family members to be able to download photos and videos if they wish. Thank you.