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    Parallels Desktop Cd

    i did this with virtualbox, then i migrate the machine to parallels.
  2. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    hi, i talked to somebody that has roxio in parallels, he said that he installed everything norma, but i dont know why some people like me are having problems, maybe is the parallels version, he installed roxio in a previous parallels version. But i find another way to install the software, is quite complicated, you need to install roxio in a different machine, and then migrate to parallels, here is how to migrate your machine http://download.parallels.com/desktop/v7/update2/docs/en/Parallels%20Desktop%20User's%20Guide/32732.htm also make sure to disable the firewall.
  3. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    thanks, i asked to some people that have made it work, any information i will post it here.
  4. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    sorry if i sound stupid, but what is rgc, i tried to search in google, but i just get that is a ranked gaming client.
  5. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    thank you very much for your interest, finally after thousands of tries i installed the software, but i think that there was a problem in the installation, because i get this. thank you cdanteek cheking the link-
  6. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    nobody knows, but thank you for the help, and if anyone else can help me please tell me.
  7. neto333

    Parallels Desktop Cd

    are you sure, because a lot of people have roxio hd in parallels
  8. hi, im trying to install the cd in parallels desktop, but it won't load, this is what i do, insert the cd, and run the setup.exe, then i choose my language, there is a message that say that this could take several minutes, so i wait like 30 minutes, then i get this message i tried in different windows, like windows 7, windows, 8 and xp, but without luck, i tried to move the disk content to a folder, but i get the error 0002 when i run the setup .exe. any help pls.
  9. im getting crazy, pls some help.
  10. Thank you, do you read my log in the post? here is my log My Log.zip
  11. thanks for the help, i posted my log in this thread, because he is having the exact same error, i installed the program, but i cant select any option, the same problem with this person, so i tryied to copy the disc in a folder but whithout luck. here is the thread, so maybe you can help you and we can stay in just one thread, thanks a lot. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/88837-roxio-hd-pro-no-signal-and-no-resolution/page__gopid__446576#entry446576
  12. it was an error saying that game capure HD Pro.msi is just for reading only, but i can copy the rest of the content, also how can i get the installation log?
  13. Hi, im having problems to install the program, so someone has recommended me to copy the disc content to a folder, but i cant copy the roxio game capure HD Pro.msi that is inside the GAME_1X any help?
  14. neto333

    No Signal But Preview In The Tv

    am i the only one with this issue?