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    Wii U - Capture Issues

    Im at the end of my tether! The XBOX is no longer working, so I think I have a faulty Roxio...
  2. aarondjones

    Wii U - Capture Issues

    ok so an update on this. I tried the HD Pro with my XBOX 360 and got it working with video and audio. Tried the Wii U once again and no audio whatsoever. Any ideas? cheers
  3. aarondjones

    Wii U - Capture Issues

    hiya, there is just the in built microphone being shown in the recording devices window...
  4. aarondjones

    Wii U - Capture Issues

    Hey everyone I just bought the HD Pro, I'm using it to capture Wii U footage. I have got it working, and the footage in 1080 and great quaity. However, there is no audio whatsoever, which is rather disappointing. I have a HD cable running from the Wii U going into the device, with a USB cable going from device to laptop. I have tried some other combinations such as using a second HDMI cable running from TV into device, but still no sound. Any ideas as to why this issue is occuring? On a seperate note, I used the previous Roxio game cap on my laptop, but this new one seems to crash it often... is this a common thing? Cheers for any help