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  1. Oh my goodness! There's more? I'm such a bad 'dabbler', and the testing on another PC is no problem (husband's computer), but neither of us has a tablet or phone. Not too hard to find somebody who has both, though. We're so 'out-of-touch', so to speak. Thanks again - and I WILL check that out.
  2. Thanks again, Jim ... and you're right! Windows Explorer. And quality was certainly compromised with the wmv file. This mp4 is MUCH better!
  3. Thea

    Backup Discussions

    Whoops, forgot, Jim ... re backup programs ... I'm now looking for a super-huge external hard drive onto which EVERYTHING can be backed up automatically. My husband saw a 4 terrabite (?) size which he felt would do the trick. I'm afraid of what would happen if THAT died. I now back up my photos regularly on 2 external drives, and my husband backs up everything on the main drive (work in progress) and drive on which all the programs are installed on another external hard drive - which we keep by the back door in case we have to make a hasty exit. Probably all very 'Old School' and inefficient. Thanks again, Thea
  4. Hello, Jim ... I'm back!! Thank you again so much for your continuing patience and wonderful help. I DO KNOW you had nothing to do with the computer crash - LOL. Lost the hard drive, but my husband DOES back up every week or so on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, it hadn't been done for about 3 weeks, so that meant searching and redoing a bunch of stuff. Reinstalling Windows is a mess. All 900+ contacts in 1 folder, instead of the 10+ into which I had them all organized. If it weren't for computer crashes and family emergencies / obligations, we could actually get some work done, right?! I want to thank you WHOLEHEARTEDLY for the fantastic time and effort you've put into getting me the information I needed. Here's a link to my last Virtual Tour .... http://www.TorontoRealEstatePhotographer.com/Videos/625MarksburyRdPickering.mp4 Photos aren't up to the quality I'd like, but with the computer down and Photomatix not yet installed (and did I tell you, the camera in the shop, so using a loaner), I processed them in Camera Raw only - and no music. Amazing results, though with the new Roxio settings ... 1280 x 720 p 24 mp4. ONE QUERY ... your file (above) is MPEG-4 Movie. My file is MP4 Video - and with 36 processed photos and simple transition (no music and no pan/zoom), the file size is 137,916KB ... about 100,000KB larger than my average WMV file size. It took about 20 minutes to upload to my website - but amazingly enough, when I sent the link to my client, it took only 3 seconds to load so he could view it. The time it took with the WMV file was approx. 25-35 seconds!! Amazing. I'm still trying to figure out why my file doesn't say, 'Movie' and why the file size is so large - or is that normal? The photos ARE 1280x720p @ 72dpi - but there are 35-45 of them in each Tour. Thanks so much again. I'm seriously MUCH further ahead than I was before, and my VT looks great.
  5. You're amazing, Jim. So sorry I've been away - my hard drive died soon after my last post last Friday, and I had to have a new one installed/formatted. Presently my husband's in the process of reinstalling everything. Then I start on my settings, etc.. What a mess. I did NOT forget about you, and can't thank you enough for all your efforts and responses. This is the first time since Friday I've been able to get onto the internet - and wanted first to let you know why you've not heard from me. My printer's not yet 'hooked up', but I'll print this to PDF so I can print it, and work with it, when I'm fully back up. You've cheered me up - and I thank you again for sticking with it. I'll let you know how it goes. Warm regards, Thea
  6. hahahaha! I've always thought MACs are slower than PCs. (Look who's talking, right?) Thanks bunches for the effort, and info re the 'p' and 'i'.
  7. Thanks, guys!! First, yes, I use Internet Explorer 10. And, I've found how to do carriage returns - by typing in my notepad and copy/paste here! I know nothing about Apple products, IPhones, IPads, etc. and have a cell phone but only for emergencies when I'm on faraway photo shoots. Yes, I have selected 'All' in the output menu. I have scrolled down all the way, and 'Windows Media Video 9, 1280x720 VBR' is near the bottom. The 'iPad Better Quality' bothers me a little. Why isn't there a 'Best Quality'. And 1280x720 seems a large size - which I'd want for full-screen viewing (but not sure anybody actually does that!). MPEG files seem to be the most versatile, right? I thought of trying 'MPEG-2High Definition 1080' - but not sure what's the difference between the 'i' and 'p'. Thanks again, everybody, but I have to shut down. I've been at this almost non-stop since 4am! Tomorrow's another day.
  8. Thanks for all this information - and the links. I guess I was dreaming someone would simply give me a step-by-step of which settings should be in each of the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro setting spaces (from the long lists that pop up) to create a Tour which could be seen at best quality in all mediums, when the link is put up on the MLS. From the info above, it seems you need my computer specs in addition to my Roxio version. My files are large (about 35-65 megs). I'm not compressing, but am afraid to switch any settings because that may pose more problems than I have now. Since I have no idea what the technical words mean, I've stuck with the way they were when I purchased the software - since changing 1 setting, produces different and a lot of various additional settings - none of which mean anything to me. Your help is much appreciated. I can appreciate it must be difficult to help someone who has no idea of the terminology. And, I'm sorry if I included my email address - couldn't find where I did that.
  9. Hello again, I've attached the PDF files of my settings in the hope that it makes clearer what my choices are and why I'm totally unsure of which settings to use - in order to create Virtual Tours which everyone can see, when I've posted them on my site, sent my client the link, and viewers who go to the MLS listing can see them on various mediums - at home and on-the-go. I love my PC and am very familiar with Photoshop (which I've used since the first version came out in 1989), and now Photomatix for post-processing. I've ALWAYS worked on a PC, and at this stage in my career simply cannot change anything. I'm not a tekky and don't have the knowledge to make informed choices. Thank you for your help + patience!ProgramSettings01.pdfProgramSettings02.pdfProgramSettings03.pdfProgramSettings04.pdfProgramSettings05.pdfProgramSettings06.pdfProgramSettings07.pdfProgramSettings08.pdfProgramSettings09.pdf
  10. Oh my, Jim - you're very fast!! Thank you so much for moving this to where it should be! I'm using 3.5 seconds with the transition (not sure how long that is). This is the speed my clients want. Viewers can stop it when they want to get a longer view. Apparently a quick, overall view is the preference. (I don't know how to leave a line space between paragraphs (return doesn't work), as yours - sorry! Also hope font size is what I see. Seems terribly large. Apologies if I'm messing up I've been told it can't be seen on a MAC. I suggested the free download to generate Windows files. Apparently exporting as Windows Media Video 9, 1280 x 720 can't be seen on some mediums (iPads, etc.?) I can't check, but one new client said the homeowners couldn't view the Tour. HERE ARE MY SETTINGS ... Destination - Video File ... Purpose - All (someone suggested setting that to AVC H.264, but he wasn't sure, and if I change it, I have no idea what to set the Video File Quality to - since I don't know what any of this means ... Circle clicked - NTSC ... Video file quality - Windows Media Video 9, 1280x720 VBR. Is any of this making any sense? I thank you in advance for your patience.
  11. I work on the Windows platform - in Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended and Photomatix. I create my Virtual Tours in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. Host them myself on my own website. Send agents the link and they hook it up to their listings on the MLS. I've been exporting to Windows Media Video 9, 1280 x 720. Looks great on my monitor; clients love them. All tours are similar to this one - http://www.TorontoRe...keleyStreet.wmv PLEASE HELP me figure out which settings I need to everyone can see the tours on all mediums. Too many options, and I don't know what they mean!! Thanks so very much!