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    Issues With Hdmi - Wii U

    You should pin this because the default setting was on multiple display performance, and people may not know that they have to change that ONE setting to fix cutscene issues...it definitely helps...
  2. Nintendofanlp

    Issues With Hdmi - Wii U

    Well I just changed the bitrate to 10mbps and its alot better now. It still happens but it's definitely not as bad as before...only once in a while it gets really bad for a couple of seconds.... and yes I am reding the responses. EDIT: I just fixed it!!!! this is what I did. I went to the Nvidia control panel and changed the Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration to SINGLE DISPLAY PERFORMANCE MODE... I did some tests and it never came up...ever...yes finally now I don't have to buy an elgato lol!
  3. Nintendofanlp

    Issues With Hdmi - Wii U

    But I've seen a youtube video recording with an HDMI on Roxio and it goes perfectly...I'll try to find it.
  4. Nintendofanlp

    Issues With Hdmi - Wii U

    Okay so when I record 1080p with component cables it recordes fine but the picture isn't as great as it would be if I recorded with an HDMI cable and it can only record 1080i. But the problem is when I try to record with an HDMI in 1080p this happens: go to 4:25 5:20 6:50 and 13 minutes (and I rendered in 720p but this WAS recorded in 1080P) (Edit: Removed video after complaints about the foul language...) Every time I go in a pipe or enter a level get to the pole (essentially any time the screen turns black or something) that happens only in 1080p, in 720p not so much but it still happens a little bit. So how come this keeps happening with a HDMI cable but not component cables. Please help me out I don't want to have to get an Elgato game Capture HD lol Thanks in advance! EDIT: I also tried using different HDMI cables (I have 3) same result...