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    Lets Start At The Very Begining

    THANK YOU. i treid it and it worked great.
  2. here is what i want to do but can't seem to make it work. First screen black screen with writtings on it giving video title, transition, then second screen black again with sub title, then another transition, then movie begins. Instead what i get is the subtitle words in every frame throughout thje movie. if i delete then in any frame in the m,ovie they are gone in the second panel too. What am i doing wrong. noting in writtings about creatiing begining panels anywhere i see. here is what i have done; right click and highlight panel one, select Insert color panel. then up top to editor add text. next add transition effect next panel two i right click add coolr again hit edit and the title appears from the first panel, i delete it and type in the subtitle, go back check work title gone from first panel sub title in there as well as second panel and third and forever through out the all panels.
  3. Mr.sam

    Creator 2012 Comes With A Attitude!

    Brendon i was not saying you were callling me liar. it was the earlier post before you. thats what i meant. ok i will go home and uninstall clean and reinstall. this time i wil custom install not express, so i can get my videos to stay in a playble format. does any one know of a program that will convert MPEG to wmv? all the ones i see on the net have all kinds of adware on them and my spybot and ESET go crazy when i try to download them. I got lots of anolog film being loaded into my computer.
  4. Mr.sam

    Creator 2012 Comes With A Attitude!

    Speaking the truth will set you free i have been told but here it just getsx you banned. WoW!!!! DivX plays videos upside down and with the most horrible screaming sound i have ever heard in my life. THerei s no fix for that i giess. there site has nothing about it. But yes, digital guru, Brendon, i did update when Divx pop up on my screen and said update available. now it didn't work right so i figured it must be a fix. well it did nothing. but since Roxio comes with nothng to say not to then.... what am i suppose to do? I don't have to worry about converting my videos to DivX because when I installed the Roxio program it converted all media player videos to DivX. When i upload any of my videos to my computer DivX automactically makes them Divx videos. well then my editor must me screwed then. because when i try to open a Divx video in it noting happens. All folders are blank. You can whine and call me a liar and ban me but it is the truth. if you lived in Newengalnd i would drop this computer in your lap and say have at it. prove me wrong. I'd even bring the software in the box it came with so you could see that i bought it. So here's the question: What is one to do to make this system work?
  5. Mr.sam

    Creator 2012 Comes With A Attitude!

    And an "A to Z" manual for one person doing video isn't necessarily going to answer someone else's "A to Z" question HMMM I don't get that because if some one bought 2012 to edit a video then i should be the same. load a video, edit, pan in and out , add audio, change timeline they are all the same no matter what as long as we are using 2012. but if you go to add video to editor and it shows notthing of all your videos you have in your computer, because oddly enough the video program that your editor came with, changed everything to Dvix but doesn't read Dvix. so your left high and dry. then the company says so what thats your problem go figure it out somewhere else, oh by the way thanks for your money. thats a serious attitude. The worthless convertor the comes with 2012 doesn't convert Dvix videos either. So what is one to do? go and buy another program that will convert Dvix? And convert to what? roxio doesn't read Dvix or realplayer so what does it read? nor does it reconize honestech which is in mpeg-2 format. so what program format will it reconize videos in ? I just want to load to editor. it that to much to ask for? Then we can work on editing. They should have a general manual that deals with this issue from there company. In my company i put out papers all the time when changes have to made sometimes it requires a 20 - 22 hour day for me but my customers never feel left out in the dark. I also tried my youtube convertor but that didn't work either. i also tried loading into microsoft movie maker but that didn't work elso. and if you think i am ranting here you should read the letter i sent them! Just want to know a few things to get started. I paid for it, i should get something like a basic manual. But as i go through all your stuff here i see i am not the only one with this problem. why does it have to be so frigon difficult! If i knew what i was getting into i would just have avoided it all together and gotten adobe. and taken classes. I am a quick learner when put inthe right direction. I build my own house from ground up and own off grid power system and fix my own trucks, i should be able to edit a simple video. but not if it doesn't come with any details just to stat with.
  6. Mr.sam

    Creator 2012 Comes With A Attitude!

    Well i did go to them and ask them for more information last year when i bought it. They emailed me back and siad to come here and i will find what i am looking for. not really! THis place is full of information but i haven't got time to sit and figure out which peice belongs to what. i work 16 hours a day and making a video is something to do for fun. If Roxio had their stuff together they would have a clear percise plan from A to Z. Roxio has been in businesss for a long time, they already know what people will be asking about. I am a business person too and i already know the questins and concerns my clients will have before i get there with a new product. I deal with them directly and not send them away to somewheres else looking for answers. It just proper business! I paid for the product. it is not Audacity which is free. I expect to go looking for intel for freeware. besides Audacity is very useable and videos and writtings on it are from A to Z and its all by users because it is freeware. I expect a clear manual when i buy something. Again it just proper business. So if they just want to send paying customers away they should expect ranting of their crap service. I know this stuff gets on the net so when someone else is going to buy any Roxio product they are going to see what i write and take heed. If you really want to answer a question then answer this why does Roxio pro come with Dvix video player but is not compatable with it? Point being i installed Roxio creator pro , DviX came with the software and was installed into my computer and took over all my videos. but when you go to edit video roxio doesn't reckonise any Dvix videos so nothing shows up on your editor. What was the point of Roxio selling me crapware ( because Dvix is really crap ware) if it does not work with the software? Ps; I use Realplayer because since 1998 I have never had a single issue with them. They had a problem and they fixed it. No questions asked and when ever i had a question they anwered it personally without sending me away. Thats called service. Its what made america great back in the day.
  7. After much research i bought Roxio because they had all that i was looking for in video creation. But soon after buying it i discovered nothing worked and the lame 14 pdf's that came wiith it, say nothing on how to troubleshoot the problems. they are about working with green screens and other more technical data. All i want is how to open and edit a movie in creator 2012. with all the people who work at corela nd roxio not one of them could make this happen. The lame art is roxio downloads with DivX veiwer which goes into your computer and takes over. well after many questions i found found roxio does not support DivX. Wow, there some serious intellegence for you. selll a program that doesn't work with thier product. then it comes to converting before you edit. Roxio doesn't reckonise Realplayer videos either so you got to buy another program to convert the vidos to what works on roxio in order to do what you wish. And does any of the 14 lame pdfs tell what to convert them too inorder to edit them? then in orer to do any editing in Roxio you got to put your video into windows movie editor in order to cut it up into pieces so you edit in roxio. going through two editors just to make a video is lame. it there is an easier way roxio will have to come off vacation and get to wwork making some more tutorials for us out here who do not sit around all day day doing nothing. Roxio pro is like buying a really nice house and then opon opening the door finding nothing inside it. what about putting out videos that attually take you from start to finish. i guess that is a little to difficult since the software itself doesn't seem to allow it.
  8. Thanks for the help but Roxio got a hard time to ever get me to trust them again on anything.
  9. Mr.sam

    Getting Started

    And why can't Roxio put these links into their software? thats the million dollar question. i searched all over and gave up cause i got no where.
  10. bought it and tried using it but found it didn't work with anything in my computer. won't reconize any videos even DiVx videos. won't load a thing, nothing anywhere tells you how to use the functions. Find it a big waste of time and money. went on youtube to see if anywhere there is someone making videos on how to use it and just one lame one. Just had my hopes up but roxio crushed that in a hurry. the whole creator 2012 pro is a scam anyway because as soon as you up load it, the program say to unlock it full potential you need NXT. why didn't you just sell me NXT in the firat place. Its the old bait and switch that all con artist use. If you really made a good product you would not need to sell it like that. the product would sell itself. Sure there a lot of nice stuff in 2012 but none of it works. and if it does where the hell is the section that tells you how to make it work?