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  1. Got it installed and working. Thanks guys. We'll see how it goes. Seems to run fine so far.
  2. Yeah, CD, my Surface has 128GB of room, a good deal more than 10GB. I'm not sure you can even buy computers with hard drives/flash storage in the MB anymore.
  3. Thanks guys. I guess I could copy the files via dropbox from my PC maybe? I'd just pop in the disc, open it up in My Computer and copy the files right? The surface pro meets the specs, and surprisingly works for games (Starcraft 2 runs on it) but I don't game on it. I wanted to record on it though so I didn't have to lug my huge Dell laptop around.
  4. I have the Roxio Game Capture HD software installed on my current Windows 7 laptop but am looking to move it to my Windows 8 Surface Pro. The Pro has no disc drive. Does Roxio provide a place to download the software directly? I read the sticky but don't believe I have a support code to contact Roxio directly. We got the unit in as a press unit. I may need to get my cd key again too unless I can find it on the already installed software on my other PC. As a side note, anyone ever use the software on the Surface Pro? How does it work? Thanks!