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    Well, it was indeed a media issue. The Memorex 16X discs were the problem, and since Im not too keen on updating my firmware, I'll have to make a point of buying the correct discs from now on. Not sure if the error was a result of the Memorex "factor" or the 16X "factor", or both. Either way, Memorex is now "persona non grata". Anyway, I appreciate the help tsantee. Ive been rippin' since last saturday when I found some TDK 2X discs on sale at a Hastings. When Popcorn actually began to "write" the disc, I had a euporic feeling that I only get when Im sniping auctions on Ebay. Very cool. Thanks again! -$50
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    Key Sense = Blank Check

    tsantee, you are indeed a guru! I appreciate your input and prompt reply. I will try your suggestions and report any progress. Thanks a million!
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    Key Sense = Blank Check

    Okay, Im using an IMAC with the round base, 15 inch screen. My operating system is MAC OS X 10.2.8. My drive is the PIONEER DVD-RW DVR 104 SUPERDRIVE. The media Im using is MEMOREX DVD-R 16x. Everything works fine until POPCORN is finished with the compression process and after I have been prompted to insert a blank DVD to record/burn on. POPCORN begins to prepare for the "writing process", and then the error pops up as follows: DRIVE REPORTED AN ERROR SENSE KEY = BLANK CHECK SENSE CODE = 0x00 NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION Followed by: DISC FAILED TO BE WRITTEN (duh!) Now, I have tried about everything I can think of. I have used the update patch from ROXIO.COM and I still get the same error with POPCORN 1.0.2 and 1.0.3. I have also tried the SUPERDRIVE update from APPLE.COM and still get the error. Ive played around with the BUFFER UNDERRUN PREVENTION too. AND, Simulation Mode (it worked in simulation mode but so what - LOL) All the reserch Ive conducted online has lead me to two possibillites: Either its the Memorex discs, or I have a firmware issue with the drive. Does anyone have any other ideas? Ive yet to burn a single disc. My drive burns to CD just fine, plays dvds just fine too. All help is appreciated. Thanks acm