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    Videowave Loses Sound In Windows 8 - Split From Another Topic

    Guess what? The "LPCM" worked. The DVD will now play with audio on both my DVD players. Thank you for your time and effort that you put in for solving the problem.

    Videowave Loses Sound In Windows 8 - Split From Another Topic

    I downloaded VLC although I already had a couple media players that would play the Roxio converted Mpeg 2 videos. However I have made a little progress. I had a look at another forum within Roxio Community where I should have started this topic. Someone else had the same problem as me. The advice was to try a third party video converter such the free “Any Video Converter”. I downloaded this and converted a few MOV files to Mpeg2 using this Converter. When I dragged the new Mpeg2 videos into Roxio NXT “VideoWave Storyline”, audio was retained. I created a “Production” and burnt a DVD in NXT. There is still no audio when played on the DVD recorder/player, only TV/DVD player. I have had other issues with Windows 8/Roxio Creator NXT that didn’t exist in Vista/Roxio Creator 2011.

    Videowave Loses Sound In Windows 8 - Split From Another Topic

    I haven't attempted any trimming so far and thanks for your advice on the VLC.

    Videowave Loses Sound In Windows 8 - Split From Another Topic

    Yes. I have the latest updates. I found this on Microsoft Windows website - "MPEG-2 format video isn't supported by default on Windows 8. It is supported in Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center. If you're running Windows 8 and you want to use MPEG-2 format videos, you should upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center, or install a third-party MPEG-2 video decoder solution." It might explain a few things.

    Videowave Loses Sound In Windows 8 - Split From Another Topic

    Thank you for responding. The bold lettering in red wasn’t my doing. I have been attempting to create a movie that has video and audio for burning onto a DVD. I have successfully done this on numerous occasions in the past on my previous PC, running on Vista, using both Roxio Creator 2011 and sometimes Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker. I was able to watch and listen to the DVDs on my DVD player/recorder connected to a TV. I now have a new PC running Windows 8 and has Roxio Creator NXT installed. As an experiment I went back to my previous PC which is an old clapped out laptop. It doesn’t operate on mains power anymore; only on battery power, hence session times are short. I imported one of the MOV files into Creator 2011. The MOV file came from the same camera source that I have been using for the last 2 years. I then converted it to Mpeg 2, dragged it to the Storyline in VideoWave where the audio was retained. I created a Production using “Output” and “Export as” and burnt a DVD. I played it on the DVD player/recorder and a TV/DVD player. In both cases there was audio. I copied the converted Mpeg 2 file from Creator 2011 into NXT on my current PC. When I dragged the file into the Storyline, the audio was gone. I created a Production using “Output” and “Export as”. There was audio in the Production file. I burnt a DVD and played it in each device. There was only audio on the TV/DVD player and not the DVD recorder/player. I added the Mpeg 2 file to Windows 8 Movie Maker. There was audio and but no video. The problem isn’t critical, just annoying. In the mean time I will go on producing movies on DVDs and watch and listen to them on the TV/DVD player.
  6. I have Roxio Creator NXT 2013 running on Windows 8. Within VideoWave and upon dragging videos (Mpeg 2) to the Storyline, the video looses the audio. If it does come across, it is only temporary. I ultimately would create a movie containing these videos and photos and burn them to DVD. The DVD plays without audio My DVD recorder/player which requires Mpeg files. However the DVD plays okay on my more recent TV/ DVD player. I didn’t have this problem with Roxio on my previous PC which ran Windows Vista. Any ideas.

    Lp And Tape Assistant

    In 2010 I purchased Roxio AV Labs to digitize vinyls on my PC (Windows Vista). The quality of the output was excellent. In 2011 I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2011 with similar results. Recently I purchased a new PC (Windows 8) and installed Roxio Creator NXT which is compatible with Windows 8. The output tracks in LP and Tape Assistant are woeful. I have used the same settings as before and also varied them to try and improve the output but to no avail. The vocal sounds and any piano solos are good but orchestral music has a “warped” sound. It isn’t distortion as I kept the recording level down reasonable low to avoid clipping. When recording audio from the Internet using “Capture Audio from Sound Card” and then transferring to “LP and Tape Assistant” for editing, the quality is good. I have gone back and recorded the same LP in Vista with the usual excellent results. I also have uninstalled and installed NXT twice. Has anybody else had a similar problem?